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SITA Says Appreciation for Technology Positive Outcome from Pandemic 

  • 05 Nov 2020

Like other businesses in the aviation sector, SITA has had to cope with the impact of the pandemic and its challenges. Jeannie Wong, Head of Communications and Events recently spoke with SITA’s Vice President Catherine Mayer who is the primary liaison for airport industry organizations.


JW: What have been some practical challenges faced by SITA colleagues in day-to-day work and what changes had to be made to adapt?  


One of the biggest changes for SITA at the start of the crisis was adapting to “working from home” which most were able to do. Our SITA colleagues got very creative to ensure development, testing, and implementation at airport locations around the world continued without interruption. SITA employees even set up mini-replicas of the airport systems in their living rooms! SITA was able to continue with all work through remote tools and virtual meetings. These success stories have certainly helped to keep morale up and all of us connected to our global family.  


Catherine Mayer SITA

Catherine Mayer, Vice President, SITA

Over the past few weeks, SITA offices around the world are slowly starting to reopen with a key focus on ensuring the safety of our employees. Nevertheless, there were many learnings from working remotely on how we can use technology to better collaborate and connect with our customers more regularly.    


JW: SITA has also been a strategic supporter and partner of the AMPAP programme, promoting development of professionals and executives for the advancement of the industry. How do you think the learning landscape will be reshaped as a result of the pandemic?    


The good news is that many industry courses are already offered online so it was great when ACI reacted quickly to transform the key face-to-face AMPAP classes into virtual ones.  The first-ever virtual Air Transport System class took place in September and was very well received by the attending 10 airports from 5 countries. Being the Premier Sponsor for AMPAP has been a true win-win for both SITA and those taking the classes as we learn about each other’s business and how to leverage IT. I would encourage all WBPs to join the courses to further develop their teams’ knowledge of airports and to help airports learn about their businesses.  The networking opportunities are invaluable.   


JW: All “gloom and doom” talk aside, have you seen any silver linings?   

CM: This year has not only been “talk” of doom and gloom. We have all experienced the physical and emotional impact of this pandemic, so one of the true silver linings is how technology has enabled us to be (virtually) together and remain connected. Sure, it gets tiring to interact with digital devices and computer screens, but it is a way to remain socially engaged and keep our businesses running. The other positive change is an overall appreciation of technology and how it can help us to adapt to the new normal we are all now living.   






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The Trinity Forum 2024, The Moodie Davitt Report, Ho Chi Minh City, Travel, Luxury, IPP Travel Retail