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Airport Carbon Accreditation




The Airport Carbon Accreditation programme is the only institutionally endorsed programme that independently assesses and recognises airports’ efforts to manage and reduce their CO2 emissions.


The programme was extended to ACI Asia-Pacific member airports in 2011. Since then, close to 60 airports in the region have obtained recognition for their achievements in carbon management.


Airport Carbon Accreditation


Participating airports can be certified at different levels of accreditation: 


  • LEVEL 1   | Mapping - Footprint measurement
  • LEVEL 2   | Reduction - Carbon management towards a reduced carbon footprint
  • LEVEL 3   | Optimisation - Third party engagement in carbon footprint reduction
  • LEVEL 3+ | Neutrality - Carbon neutrality for direct emissions by offsetting
  • LEVEL 4   | Transformation - Transforming airport operations and those of its business partners to achieve absolute emissions reductions
  • LEVEL 4+ | Transition - Compensation for residual emissions with reliable offsets


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Airport Carbon Accreditation
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