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ACI Asia-Pacific Aviation Security

September Security Month

The Year of Security Culture

 ACI Asia-Pacific & Middle East initiative coincides with ICAO’s designation of 2021 as the Year of Security Culture

September Security Month

To raise awareness of the importance of aviation security, ACI Asia-Pacific & Middle East launched a public campaign in September 2021 called September Security Month. Throughout the month,  we presented information and insights from ICAO, airport members and World Business Partners on our digital and social channels outlining security topics, challenges and solutions.


We debuted a three-part video series called Aviation Security Explained discussing the basics, the evolving nature and the impact of COVID-19 on aviation security. 

Aviation Security Explained 

To raise more awareness of the importance of aviation security with security professionals and the wider aviation community, ACI Asia-Pacific & Middle East created a series of three videos looking into various security issues from a layman’s perspective. 


Aviation Security Explained EP1

In episode 1, we will talk about some of the basic elements of aviation security and introduce what ACI is doing to help airports improve security.

Aviation Security Explained EP2

In episode 2, we will look into various security issues from a layman’s perspective, and the evolving nature of security.

Aviation Security Explained EP3

In episode 3, we will talk about the impact of the pandemic, how airport security teams have given their best endeavours to upkeep the highest security standards while ensuring the health safety of passengers.

Guide to Security Culture

Guide to Security Culture

The Guide to Promoting and Assessing Security Culture for Airports is available now

ACI Asia-Pacific & Middle East 's Regional Aviation Security Committee released the first edition of “A Guide to Promoting and Assessing Security Culture for Airports”. 


Written specifically from the perspective of airport operators, the Guide provides hands-on examples to help airports promote security culture, including methods for raising security awareness among general staff through trainings, communications, rewards systems and more. The document offers practical tools for assessing the effectiveness of security culture. One of the tools highlighted in the document is a security culture survey that is designed to be used by airports of all sizes.


Download the Guide to Promoting and Assessing Security Culture for Airports




ICAO's Sharing


Sylvain Lefoyer, ICAO’s Deputy Director Aviation Security and Facilitation

The Importance of an Effective Security Culture in Aviation Operations

Throughout 2021, ICAO has partnered with its member states and other industry stakeholders to promote the Year of Security Culture, with the purpose of raising security awareness and promoting a positive security culture in aviation.


In an opinion article, ICAO calls on industry and member support: 


  • Creating materials that highlight the importance of security in aviation
  • Training and continuous learning activities
  • Establishing a framework that affords protection to reports and their sources.


Read the full article

Airport Members and World Business Partners' Perspectives



Paul Moulton, Head of Security, Perth Airport

Paul shares his team’s ambitious plans for smart and touchless technology implementation, also discusses the value of security culture and how this is implemented at Perth Airport.

Philip Bamber

How to balance security and health concerns with safety and efficiency? Check out the latest security measures from one of the best airports in the world

Canine Unit, Hong Kong International Airport

The new AVSECO Canine Unit (ACU) Kennel at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) was unveiled recently. Check out how canine unit patrol the terminal and surrounding areas after completion of training.

2021 Year of Security Culture! Messages from Japan's Airports Staff

Check out how they joined hands in this video to enhance security awareness and security culture, making it a priority in this designated Year of Security Culture.


What does a post-pandemic airport look like?  Learn more about how airports can adjust their standard operating procedures and use light detection and ranging technology for crowd monitoring. 


How to use AI to monitor or estimate passenger flow in real-time?



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