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ACI provides guidance and industry best practices on the environment and sustainability. Over the years, a number of publications, including handbooks, guidance documents, advisory bulletins, have been produced for member airports to provide guidance on areas and issues pertaining to the environment and sustainability. 


The Regional Environment Committee has published the following publications:


  • Green Airports Recognition 2024 - Biodiversity and Nature-Based Solutions
  • Green Airports Recognition 2023 - Single Use Plastic Elimination
  • Green Airports Recognition 2022 - Carbon Management
  • Green Airports Recognition 2021 - Air Quality Management
  • Green Airports Recognition 2020 - Water Management
  • Green Airports Recognition 2019 - Green Airport Infrastructure 
  • Green Airports Recognition 2018 - Waste Minimization 
  • Green Airports Recognition 2017 - Energy Management  
  • Environmental Survey Report Summary 2019
  • Environmental Survey Report Summary 2017
  • Environmental Survey Report Summary 2015


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