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In the face of the climate change crisis, the aviation industry has committed to play its part in reducing the impact on the environment. Airports in the region are faced with the challenge of designing infrastructure and operations for the forecasted growth in Asia-Pacific & Middle East in a sustainable manner. Airports consider energy, waste management and water management as the top environmental management priorities whilst recognising the importance of adapting to climate change.  


To aid in this endeavour, ACI Asia-Pacific & Middle East has a number of programmes to support its members. Ranging from benchmarking surveys to the industry-leading Airport Carbon Accreditation programme to the annual Green Airports Recognition awards programme. 


ACI's Long-term Carbon Goal promotion video

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Long-Term Carbon Goal


In June 2021, ACI World announced a long-term carbon goal for its member airports.


The global goal will help drive action and identify common challenges and opportunities that can be tackled together.


We recognize each airport, country, and region is in a different stage of their environmental journey. Hence, the long-term carbon goal is aspirational and intended to be adopted by individual airports in accordance with local conditions and with the support of local governments. 


To realize this ambitious target, airports must work closely with the wider aviation community and count on the support of governments and key stakeholders. 


The long-term carbon goal is supported by the ACI Asia-Pacific & Middle East Regional Board. 






ACI member airports at a global level commit to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050 and urge governments to provide the necessary support in this endeavor. 

ACI's long term carbon goal



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