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Green Airports Recognition

The Green Airports Recognition aims to promote environmental best practices to minimise aviation’s impact on the environment and recognise airport members who have outstanding accomplishments in their environmental projects.


By participating in this initiative, airports can share their environmental projects with other airports in the region and have the chance to be recognised for their achievements. Platinum, Gold or Silver recognition will be awarded in various airport size categories. The top submissions will be captured in the Green Airports Recognition publication.


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Green Airports Recognition 2024 - Biodiversity and Nature-Based Solutions


Green Airports Recognition 2024 - Biodiversity and Nature-Based Solutions

Green Airports Recognition has successfully entered its eighth year, promoting environmental best practices while recognising ACI Asia-Pacific & Middle East airport members who have outstanding accomplishments in their sustainability projects.


The aviation industry has entered a resilient recovery phase globally, overcoming the pandemic. Airport expansion to meet the growing aviation demand must prioritize minimising environmental impact, particularly considering the relationship with Biodiversity near the airports. As part of efforts to preserve Biodiversity, embracing Nature-Based Solutions has become crucial for preserving our planet, particularly in safeguarding local and regional biodiversity.
We encourage airports to submit their best practices in preserving Biodiversity and utilizing Nature-Based Solutions at their premises ranging from wetland restoration and creation, balancing wildlife species and airport operation, wildlife trafficking prevention, ecosystems restoration or carbon removal through Nature-Based Solutions.



 Recognised Airports
Green Airports Recognition 2024, twelve exceptional airports were recognised for their successful journey towards preserving Biodiversity and exploring best practices of utilizing Nature-Based Solutions in the aviation industry.


                                                                                                                                                  Winners of Green Airports Recognition 2024

    The recognised Airports were honoured at the 19thACI Asia-Pacific Regional Assembly(May 2024), Conference and Exhibition in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.



    The recognised airports are:


    Over 35 million passengers per annum:

    • Platinum – Hong Kong International Airport   
      - Implementation of Marine Ecology and Fisheries Enhancement Measures at Hong Kong International Airport
    • Gold – Sydney Airport
      - Bringing Country back to Wetlands
    • Silver – Indira Gandhi International Airport
      - Center of Excellence – Biodiversity Center

    Between 15-35 million passengers per annum:

    • Platinum –  Kansai Airport   
      - Creating a rich seaweed bed and blue carbon
    • Gold – King Khalid International Airport
      - Plantation Project
    • Silver – Kempegowda International Airport
      - Nature based holistic approach for Sustainable Future

    Between 8-15 million passengers per annum:

    • Platinum – Mactan-Cebu International Airport
      - Coastal Clean-up
    • Gold – King Fahd International Airport
      - "Our Airport is Green"
    • Silver – Central Japan International Airport
      - Forests grow marine life

    Less than 8 million passengers per annum:

    • Platinum – Queenstown Airport
      - Shotover Wetland restoration
    • Gold – Darwin International Airport
      - Gurambai Cultural Trail Upgrades
    • Silver – Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport
      - Moringa Plantation

    A full list of submitted projects, please visit the library here.

      Green Airports Recognition 2023 - Elimination of Single-Use Plastic 


      Green Airports Recognition 2023 - Single-Use Plastic Elimination

      Our industry has grown exponentially over the past decades and will continue to do so in the years to come. As air transport continues to grow, a substantial volume of waste is expected to be generated at airports. One such issue we’ve identified is the increasing worldwide concern about the impact of single-use plastic pollution, especially within the aviation industry. 


      To mitigate the environmental impact of waste and to comply with regulatory requirements, airports are increasingly implementing sustainable waste management policies. The Green Airports Recognition 2023 is an opportunity for airports from Asia-Pacific and the Middle East to share their best practices in eliminating single-use plastic.


       Recognised Airports
      Green Airports Recognition 2023, recognising twelve airports in our regions for their outstanding achievements in mitigating the use of single-use plastic. 

      The recognised airports are:

      Over 35 million passengers per annum:

      • Platinum – Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport    
        - Single Use Plastic Free Airport – Mumbai
      • Gold – Hong Kong International Airport
        - Accelerating the reduction of single-use plastics at Hong Kong International Airport
      • Silver – Indira Gandhi International Airport
        - Single Use Plastic Free Delhi Airport

      Between 15-35 million passengers per annum:

      • Platinum –  Kempegowda International Airport     
        - Plastics Circularity at KIAB 
      • Gold – Rajiv Gandhi International Airport
        - Single-use Plastic free RGI Airport
      • Silver – Jeju International Airport
        - The introduction of reusable cups to airport


      Between 8-15 million passengers per annum:

      • Platinum – Central Japan International Airport
        - Bottle to Bottle’ sustainable use of PET bottle
      • Gold – Adelaide Airport
        - Single-use plastics free precinct
      • Silver – Bahrain International Airport    
        - Combating single use plastics at Bahrain International Airport (BIA)

      Less than 8 million passengers per annum:

      • Platinum – Mangaluru International Airport
        - SUP Free Airport 
      • Gold – Christchurch International Airport
        - Waste Strategy to Circular Solutions
      • Silver –  Kaohsiung International Airport
        - Plastic-Free Life at the Airport

      Environmental Aspects 


      Each year, a different theme is chosen from the following environmental aspects:

      • Environmental Policy and Management (including green procurement)
      • Noise
      • Air quality
      • Waste
      • Water (including both municipal water usage and wastewater discharge)
      • Energy
      • Carbon
      • Biodiversity
      • Ground transportation
      • Land & water contamination
      • Others

      The Green Airports Recognition run by ACI Asia-Pacific is an excellent initiative helping airports share best practice initiatives across the region and providing recognition for those taking action to improve their environmental performance 

      Adelaide Airport Limited






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