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Yangon Aerodrome Company Limited (YACL) Completes GRF Workshop for Runway Surface Condition Assessment

  • 2021-11-11

Yangon Aerodrome Company Limited- YACL, the Yangon International Airport Operator, completed the Global Reporting Format-GRF for the Runway Surface Condition Assessment on 29 October 2021. The three-day workshop was held at the YACL facilities, followed by on-site practice activities on the Runway.

Over 60 participants joined the workshop, including the ASSD Aviation Safety & Standards Directorate and ATC - Air Traffic Control, both from Myanmar Department of Civil Aviation - DCA. YACL's AOCC/AOPS/Safety promoted the workshop, covering the GRF implementation and Runway Condition Assessment.

The workshop's main objective is to assist the aerodrome professionals at Yangon International Airport in maintaining the correct assessment/reporting conditions of the Runway, as part of the ICAO's Global Reporting Format - GRF initiatives, effective 04NOV21.


YACL Operations Department guided by Mr. Arkar Minn (Head of AOPS) and Mr. Nyi Nyi (Safety Manager)

The workshop was presented and taught the new GRF methodology format and the new Runway Condition Assessment Matrix (RCAM). 

All seminar participants performed on-site Assessment/Measurement and Reporting of Runway Surface Condition, enabling a coordinated assessment and reporting of runway surface conditions, as crucial information to be provided to the pilots.

"Complying with ICAO's SARPs (standards & recommended practices) and harmonizing the communication among the involved airport stakeholders is a must and our top priority as Airport Operator. The workshop will enable the various stakeholders to better understand the newly implemented standard from ICAO, adopted by DCA, and as an active part of the GRF process. Furthermore, as Safety is our utmost priority, to mitigate the risk of runway safety-related incidents/accidents, YACL is continuously investing in equipment and providing adequate training to our most valued assets, "our STAFF." 

So said Mr. Pedro Cavem - Operations & Safety Director of YACL.

Airport Carbon Accreditation
Airport Carbon Accreditation