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Sharjah Airport Authority Enhances Self Check-In Services

  • 2021-08-17

Sharjah Airport Authority (SAA) continues to enhance travelers’ experience by implementing a wide range of self check-in services, allowing passengers and customers to clear their transactions and complete the on-the-ground process quickly, while reducing waiting time during peak periods.

With the new initiatives, the SAA aims to increase their customers’ satisfaction and improve their experience at Sharjah’s premier gateway to enable them to reach their destinations around the world easily and safely.


Automated check-in and baggage delivery system

As part of its plans for smart transformation, Sharjah Airport provides a self check-in and baggage claim system. The service is currently available to passengers with Air Arabia through self-contained kiosks located in the departures hall, allowing passengers to check-in, extract boarding passes, drop bags, and move directly to the airport’s Passport Control Department, with a number of employees ready to intervene and provide assistance in the event of any technical problems in any of these stations.

Innovative technologies to serve travelers around the clock

Sharjah Airport adopts smart “Internet of Things” technologies in all stages of work to ensure the smooth operation of the airport, as more than 112 sensors have been installed in areas serving travelers to monitor procedures and services provided in real-time and provide support when necessary to facilitate and expedite airport procedures and improve the experience of travelers in general. These technologies also contribute to monitoring the extent of adherence to precautionary measures, maintaining physical distance, and reducing points of friction with employees, while achieving the highest standards of operational efficiency.


Smart journey through Sharjah Airport

Sharjah Airport Authority is keen to enhance the leading role of Sharjah Airport by improving the experience of passengers and customers in line with the authority’s vision of providing integrated smart services that start before arriving at the airport through the services and information provided by the smart application, through to arrival at the airport with Smart gates that enable travelers to clear their transactions more quickly and at a rate of 20 seconds per passenger, and finally through to boarding the plane, where the automated boarding pass system verifies all data.

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2021 ACI Latin America and Caribbean / World Annual General Assembly, Conference & Exhibition (WAGA 2021)
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