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Slot Recommendations and Policy Forums

  • 08 Jul 2021

Throughout the first half of 2021, ACI Asia-Pacific together with the Regional Slot Allocation Task Force and the ACI World Expert Group on Slots continue to refine the industry position on slot usage requirements to address the challenges imposed by the pandemic. 


At the global level, ACI, together with IATA and Slot Coordinators as representatives of the Worldwide Airport Slot Board (WASB), recognized slot alleviation in the COVID-19 environment needs to foster and not hinder recovery. 


So far, two global recommendations have been issued by the WASB: 


  • Winter 2021 Season: Throughout the first half of 2021, the aviation sector’s recovery trend was repeatedly dampened by the emergence of COVID-19 virus mutations. In May, recognizing that different countries and regions are recovering at different rates, the WASB recommended additional principles to regulators who may wish to extend the NS21 slot alleviation measures. (Please see WASB Recommendation: Airport slot alleviation measures for Northern Winter 2021)
  • Summer 2021 Season (NS21): in November 2020, WASB reached its first global recommendation which represented a strong compromise catering the needs and interests of both airports and airlines. The WASB recommended the gradual reinstatement of normal airport slot utilization policy with specific conditions attached. (Please see WASB Recommendation: Airport slot alleviation measures for Northern Summer 2021)

In addition to the global discussion on slot alleviation measures, ACI has been working in parallel to develop a work plan to chart the course for continuous improvement to the global slot allocation process in the long run. 


Slot Policy Forums 

In April, three Slot Policy Forums were organized with participation of members from all ACI regions to foster broad and open discussions among airports worldwide on their needs and expectations towards airport slot policy. Four themes were discussed during these meetings: 


  • Enhancing the position of airports in the slot management process 
  • Access to markets in the interest of consumers 
  • Optimizing the use of airport infrastructure 
  • Investigating the application of market mechanisms 

The outcome of these discussions was documented in the ACI Airport Slot Policy Forums Proceedings, which is available free of charge to members, and will guide ACI’s advocacy efforts and policy proposals for future engagement with WASB and policy-makers. 

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