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Security communication at Mangaluru International Airport goes ‘silent’

  • 2023-07-03

The familiar crackle of walkie-talkies used by aviation security group (ASG) of CISF at Mangaluru International Airport is now a thing of the past. Come July and the ASG personnel are now reporting for duty with their new state-of-the-art communication kits provided by the airport. This keeps the entire communication with the security operations control centre (SOCC), manned by CISF, strictly on a need-to-know basis. 


The communication kits, connected to their respective walkie talkies fit snugly inside the ear of the ASG personnel. This ensures that all communication between SOCC and the on-field personnel is one a one-to-one and within the force, basis. This advancement also frees the hands of the personnel which hitherto was holding the walkie talkie, giving them the advantage to use their hands to wield the weapon in an emergency.


Mr Virendra Mohan Joshi, senior commandant and Chief Airport Security Officer said the communication kits ensure that the wireless communication reaches to only those for whom it is intended. “Airport has multiple stakeholders. Security related communication is not meant for all,” Mr Joshi said. “The hands-free communication kits will also add to the operational readiness of the ASG personnel,” Mr Joshi pointed. 


The airport has provided 25 such communications kits to the ASG personnel. “This is in line with a series of measures taken by the airport authorities in ensuring that there is no compromise on the security of the airport,” the MIA spokesperson said. The airport in the past procured a bullet resistant vehicle for use by ASG personnel. “We are committed to meeting the requirements of the ASG personnel,” the spokesperson added.

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ASG personnel of CISF deployed at Mangaluru International Airport with the newly procured communication kit.

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