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QRDI Council Launches Three New Innovation Opportunities in Partnership with MATAR to Address Critical Industry Needs

  • 2023-08-29

Innovating for a Better Future: Three Initial Pioneering Challenges Launched to Transform Airports, Asset Intensive Industries, and Customer Experience


The Qatar Research, Development and Innovation (QRDI) Council’s flagship program, Qatar Open Innovation (QOI), has recently announced three Innovation Opportunities in collaboration with MATAR.

Through Innovation Opportunities, QRDI Council has partnered with MATAR, the Qatar Company for Airports Operation and Management, to drive innovation within Qatar and tackle major asset management challenges. The launch of three innovation challenges aimed at finding groundbreaking solutions to critical issues faced by the aviation and sustainability industries.

Playing a critical role in managing and operating Hamad International Airport (DOH) since the facility’s inception in 2014, MATAR continues to elevate the aviation industry with its renowned forward plans and investments – winning multiple awards and accolades in the process.

Mrs. Haya Al-Ghanim, RDI Program Director at QRDI Council, commented: “Here at QRDI Council, our mission is to support the sustainable management of Qatar's innovation echo systems through research and technological solutions. Our vision aligns with the Qatar National Vision 2030 and the Second National Development Strategy is to create a locally empowered, globally connected RDI ecosystem that propels Qatar's social and economic future.”

“We are excited to collaborate with MATAR and announce the first three of these pioneering challenges, which aim to increase accessibility for persons with disabilities, enhance customer experience in car parking facilities, and enable predictive management capabilities for asset intensive industries. Together, we are shaping a brighter and more inclusive future for Qatar and beyond,” she added.

Suhail Kamil Kadri, Senior Vice President of Technology and Innovation at Hamad International Airport, said: "We stand at the intersection of digital innovation crafting a future that elevates the industry and customer experience. Through our collaboration with QRDI Council, our vision resonates with Qatar's commitment to progress.


Our pursuit of cutting-edge technologies, digital solutions and leading practices aligns with the country’s National Vision 2030, weaving a story of excellence and inclusivity. Together, we're pioneering a transformation that embraces the power of innovation to shape a brighter future for all."

MATAR is presenting three exciting innovation challenges this year. The challenges from MATAR are as follows:

Indoor Navigation Wayfinder for Customers with Disabilities
The first challenge calls for proposals to develop an indoor navigation way finder to improve accessibility and reduce stress for persons with disabilities. This innovative solution will assist individuals with motor impairments, mental disorders, anxiety, or hearing impairments to navigate complex locations, such as convention centers, shopping malls, and airports.

Predictive Asset Replacement for Infrastructure-Centric Industries
The second challenge seeks proposals for developing a recommendation system that predicts when HVAC, electrical, electronics, mechanical, and other assets should be replaced. This solution will consider asset reliability, availability, economic numerical parameters, qualitative asset condition, and regulatory parameters influencing asset replacement strategies. The aim is to optimize asset use and improve asset management in various industries, including airports, seaports, mining, oil, and gas companies.

Automated Car Parking Access and Payment Systems
The third challenge focuses on creating a touchless, paperless, and cashless solution to enhance customer experience while using car parking facilities in public and commercial spaces. This technology will alleviate inconveniences related to ticketing systems and improve parking operation efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Participants in the challenges will be able to scale up their proof of concept, engage in joint development, secure supplier agreements, and potentially acquire licensing agreements.

Interested parties, including startups, SMEs, and corporates, are encouraged to submit their proposals to QRDI Council and MATAR. The deadline for all three proposal submissions is October 6, 2023.

The Qatar Open Innovation program has been the primary platform for startups and innovators to showcase their products and solutions that address the nation’s most pressing challenges in the five national priority areas of energy, health, resource sustainability, society, and digital technology, as outlined in the QRDI Strategy 2030, by identifying opportunities for innovation collaborations to drive economic prosperity. Qatar Open Innovation calls also address the innovation needs of government entities.

The QOI program has provided a unique opportunity for innovators to collaborate with leading organizations, industry experts, and mentors to develop and scale their ideas. The program has previously launched 21 challenge calls in partnership with leading organizations in Qatar, including GWC, Aspire, Baladna, Sidra, Ooredoo, Es'hailSat, Hassad Food, Kahramaa, Milaha, the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, and the Ministry of Municipality.

To learn more about the challenges Qatar Open Innovation tackled and submit your proposals, visit the QRDI Portal.

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