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Member Water Management Projects Included in ICAO Eco-Toolkit

  • 17 May 2021

As part of its Eco-Airport Toolkit e-collection, ICAO recently released the Water Management at Airports publication focusing on water management at airports. The publication provides states with practical information for decision makers engaged in green airport planning and design. 


The publication notes that “water resources are under increasing pressure due to growing demand, urbanisation and climate change. Some regions of the world are facing water scarcity and these situations are likely to multiply in the future. In addition, competition between various water uses is increasing as demand intensifies, potentially leading to conflicts. Airports need to consider water in three primary ways. The first is supply, the water entering the airport facility and whether there are ways that the airport can reduce its demand for water. Secondly, handling capacity, airports experience water events such as flooding, drainage issues, erosion and other impacts. Thirdly, disposal, airports need to ensure water leaving the airport facility is clean and is safe for the surrounding environment. Airport systems manage these processes in various ways.” 


The Water Management at Airports publication includes examples of action taken from the eligible submissions of the 2020 Green Airports Recognition:  


  • Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong SAR  
  • Kaohsiung International Airport, Chinese Taipei  
  • Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Malaysia 
  • Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, India  
  • Taoyuan International Airport, Chinese Taipei 

“The pace of innovation in all aspects of aviation is unparalleled, and ICAO has been helping drive the green recovery of aviation by promoting an ambitious decarbonization path for the sector including the promotion of pioneering efforts to support the development of airport infrastructure projects,” highlighted ICAO Council President Salvatore Sciacchitano. 


The report also features case studies from members Cambodia Airports (Cambodia) and Airport International Group (Jordan).  

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Airport Carbon Accreditation
Airport Carbon Accreditation
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