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Korea Airports Corporation, World’s First to Test AI-based X-ray Security Screening System

  • 29 Oct 2020

Korea Airports Corporation introduced World’s first Artificial Intelligence (AI) deep-learning based X-ray Automatic Security Screening System at Gimpo International airport(GMP) domestic terminal’s departure security checkpoint on October 22.


The AI X-ray Automatic Screening System is currently being perfected by Korea Airports Corporation in collaboration with Deepnoid inc., an AI specialized enterprise in Korea. The system will assist airport security screening officers to scan passengers' belongings in a more convenient and swift manner by collecting data on prohibited dangerous items and developing AI based deep-learning algorithms.


Korea Airports Corporation will implement test operation to scan six main dangerous goods (including firearms, knives, scissors and lighters), notified by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation(MOLIT) of Korea, and expand the scope of service to all the dangerous items, as of January 2021.


The two companies started joint R&D project since May 2019. Upon completing test operation, this new system will be fully commercialized and exported to airports overseas by early next year with plans to apply the AI technology in other sectors, such as harbor industries.


“AI X-ray automatic screening system, once implemented, will allow more swift and accurate inspection to cope with increasing number of airport passengers and significantly contribute to improving security check services," says Chang Wan SON, President and CEO of Korea Airport Corporation.

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