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WHITE PAPER: Delhi Airport's Fog Season Preparedness-- Elevating Passenger Experience and Operational Resilience

  • 2023-12-14
  • With the onset of the fog season, Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL), a subsidiary of GMR Airport Infrastructure Limited, stands prepared with a comprehensive set of measures to ensure an enriched passenger experience and secure operations amid challenging reduced visibility conditions. 
  • The proactive approach taken by DIAL involves a retrospective look at the strategic initiatives implemented last year, particularly at Terminal 3 (T3), where capacity enhancements and operational efficiencies were prioritized. 
  • Robust infrastructure upgrades in the Security Check Area, the strategic opening of entry gates, and the introduction of technological advancements like DigiYatra for domestic passengers all underscore DIAL's unwavering commitment to elevating passenger experience and operational efficiency.

Measures Taken Last Year at T3:

  • Security Check Area: Installation of 10 X-ray machines in critical zones of the Domestic Pre-Embarkation Security Check (PESC) area, boosting security measures. Presently, T3 features 10 Automated Tray Return Systems (ATRS) and 12 conventional X-ray machines domestically, with an additional two X-ray machines on the international side, resulting in 19 machines overall.
  • Entry Gates: Strategic opening of Entry Gates 1A and 8B, accompanied by an increase in the deployment of Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) personnel from 2 to 4 at each gate, enhancing security measures.
  • DigiYatra: Implementation of DigiYatra for domestic passengers, featuring 24 conventional entry points and 15 DigiYatra lanes, streamlining passenger processing and enhancing convenience at T2 and T3. Also, DigiYatra penetration has reached almost 30% in the current year.
  • Arrival Area: Commissioning of 1 Domestic and 1 International arrival carousel, bringing the total baggage carousels to 14, including 2 with swing operations, ensuring efficient baggage handling.
  • Slots De-peaking: Collaborative efforts with airlines to optimize flight distribution, resulting in a reduction of T3 domestic peak slots from 20 to 16 initially, eventually accommodating 18 slots after necessary infrastructural additions.

Enhancements in Transfer Areas:

  • Delhi Airport strategically enhanced Transfer Areas, emphasizing capacity and passenger convenience. Notably, at Terminal 2 (T2), Domestic to Domestic operations were relocated to the Arrival level, facilitating capacity enhancement and increased passenger seating near boarding gates. Furthermore, Terminal 3 (T3) witnessed comprehensive enhancements to its International to Domestic transfer facility, including the installation of two additional lifts with a 35-passenger capacity each. 
  • This significant augmentation has considerably reduced waiting times, elevating the Passenger Transfer capacity from 22 to an impressive 92. Accompanying the lift upgrades was a thoughtful re-orientation of entry points, optimizing operational efficiency, and ensuring passenger convenience for an enhanced overall experience. 
  • As part of the Phase 3A expansion plan, DIAL has almost doubled the size of the International-to-International Transfer area at T3. 
  • In the Arrivals, helpdesks have been set up at international arrival to facilitate foreign nationals in filling up forms before reaching immigration counters. Also, additional arrival baggage belts (BHS) have been installed at T3 and additional arrival bussing gate has been created at T2. The creation of the bussing gate has helped enhance the passenger handling capacity of the terminal and deliver a superior passenger experience as it has reduced the waiting time for de-boarding passengers.

Preparedness at Terminals 

  • DIAL has set up temporary help desks at the T3 forecourt and deployed additional manpower from terminal operations (TOPS)/RAXA teams. The TOPS staff have been provided with high visibility jackets/public address systems and radio transmission sets for better coordination and communication.  The staff, deployed at critical positions, will facilitate passenger movement and provide updated information.
  • Apart from these, arrangements of meals for passengers, in the form of meal boxes or/and food coupons at the food outlets, have been made. DIAL has facilitated the development and operations of a well-coordinated process between F&B outlets and Airlines/GHAs. Three concessionaires have been tasked with the responsibility of providing meals to passengers at the boarding gates or at the outlet. Airlines and F&B coordination for 100% availability of food for passengers. (The airline would have to give one-hour advance notice to the F&B team for exact requirements).
  • DIAL would ensure 100% availability of the Flight Information Display System (FIDS), with continuously updated information. Also, a dedicated team of senior airport officials will be available during the LVP period.
  • CISF has been coordinated for easy exit of passengers from the terminal building in case of flight cancellations to minimize inconvenience.
  • Enhancement of seating capacity at terminals
  • DIAL has enhanced the seating arrangement to accommodate around 1,800 passengers since last year and made provisions to accommodate an additional 740 chairs for passengers as and when required in the terminals during the fog situation. 

At present, the seating capacity at three terminals is as follows:

  • Terminal 1: 2852
  • Terminal 2: 2236
  • Terminal 3: 13,600


In addition to these strategic measures, DIAL has robust preparations across terminals, airside, and city side, emphasizing operational resilience and passenger well-being during the fog season. Enhanced seating capacity, innovative online services, and a strong presence on social media further contribute to DIAL's commitment to ensuring a smooth and enjoyable travel experience for passengers. 
“The fog season presents unique challenges for the airports, but DIAL is fully prepared to ensure a safe and comfortable travel experience for our passengers. We have invested in technology, infrastructure, and staff training to mitigate disruptions and provide real-time information to passengers. Our focus remains on enhancing passenger experience and ensuring the highest standards of safety and security during this period,” said CEO-DIAL Mr. Videh Kumar Jaipuriar.
DIAL is committed to providing a world-class travel experience for all passengers. By leveraging technology and implementing proactive measures, we are confident that we can ensure a smooth and hassle-free journey even during the fog season, he added. 

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Delhi Airport stands prepared with a comprehensive set of measures to ensure an enriched passenger experience and secure operations amid reduced visibility conditions

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WAGA, ACI Annual assembly, conference, exhibition, aviation conference. ACI World, Riyadh Airports