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Narita Airports Implements Automatic Security Tray UV Disinfection Modules for Security Check Points

  • 30 Jun 2021

As a further step to prevent virus infection, new disinfection equipment (UV modules) will be incorporated on a largest scale in the world into the state-of-the-art security lanes at security checkpoints at all terminals. This new equipment will automatically irradiate UV light for a few seconds during the return of inspection trays, to sterilize and eliminate 99.9% of bacteria and viruses on both sides of the trays.

As the first airport in Japan to receive international certification for implementing COVID-19 counter infection measures, Narita Airport has been continuously implementing a variety of measures to prevent infectious diseases. We will continue to take thorough and effective countermeasures against virus infection so as to be prepared to offer peace of mind to passengers as their numbers increase with the coming recovery of travel demand.


Installation Period:

  • To be installed at security checkpoints in each terminal from November 2021 (Expected to be completed by the end of fiscal 2021). 


  • 62 Smiths Detection UV disinfection modules (It is also equipped with a shielding mechanism that complies with international standards to prevent UV light from leaking outside the module.) 


  • 27 at international security screening checkpoints in Terminal 1
    •  22 at international security screening checkpoints in Terminal 2
    •  13 at international/domestic security screening checkpoints in Terminal 3
Airport Carbon Accreditation
Airport Carbon Accreditation