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Airports Encouraged to Adopt Alphanumeric Callsigns

  • 2022-08-30

Alphanumeric callsign is a proven way of reducing the risk of confusion amongst pilots, ATC and airports of very similar callsigns such as EK1234 and QR1234. The concept is simple: replace the numeric part of the callsign with a string of letters and numbers to maximize of the number of possible combinations and hence minimize the occurrences of similar callsigns.  For example UAE408 would become UAE58E.  


The method has been successfully applied in Europe, the Middle East, India, USA and Australia.  Busy air hubs with a significant home based carrier operations are ideal candidates to benefit from alphanumeric callsigns.  A recent ICAO meeting (AOP-SG/6) and a seminar that ACI organized with CANSO and IATA both confirmed its safety benefits and encouraged airports to adopt the method.


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Airports Encouraged to Adopt Alphanumeric Callsigns

Alphanumeric Capable Airports 2022 (Source: Qatar Airways)

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Airport Carbon Accreditation