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Register for Environment Webinars

  • 15 Jul 2021

Following the 8 June announcement of the Long-term Carbon Goal for Airports, the Regional Environment Committee has planned a series of carbon-focussed webinars for the region’s members.    


  • Renewable energy/electricity and storage for Asia-Pacific airports (Sep-Oct)  

  • How to set a long-term carbon goal for your airport? (Nov-Dec)  

Please register your interest for attendance with Ken Lau, Senior Manager, Environment and Airport Information Technology.


Long-term carbon goal materials

A large selection of materials is available to members to learn more about the study, the goal and next steps:  



Next steps

ACI World intends to communicate and share best practices and encourage airports to develop voluntary action plans so progress can be measured and considered as an opportunity to inform actions towards the goal. 

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