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Local Schools Setting Their Sights on Sustainability

  • 2024-05-23

Perth Airport has partnered with Millennium Kids Inc and engaged with four local schools to take part in a sustainability education program. 

Brabham Primary School, Hillcrest Primary School, Guildford Primary School, and Belmont City College were selected due to their school's dedication to sustainability and commitment to shaping future leaders in environmental stewardship.

The collaboration brings the Agents of Climate Change Program, run by Millenium Kids Inc, to Year 6 and 7 students with an opportunity to engage in a dynamic curriculum-aligned sustainability education experience.

The Program is structured to develop critical thinking, leadership, and real-world problem-solving skills. It includes a one-day action learning leadership program and a Deliberative Democracy Day, where students will have the chance to explore the big issues for sustainability and devise creative, innovative solutions for their schools.

“Perth Airport is committed to being a sustainability leader and we are thrilled to be working with four of our local schools,” said Caroline Perks, Perth Airport’s Sustainability Manager.

“The students will undoubtedly benefit from this opportunity to voice their ideas and make a tangible impact and we can’t wait to see what project they develop for their school. We’ll be supporting each school with up to $5,000 to enable them to bring their ideas to fruition.”

The schools’ involvement demonstrates a shared vision for empowering young minds to actively participate in addressing climate issues and working with young people to develop opportunities for change.

“Our students are thrilled to be part of this project which allows them to voice, plan and action a Sustainability initiative within the Brabham community. Our school is grateful for this partnership opportunity, and we cannot wait to see the students' ideas and support their vision,” said Rebecca Wilkey, Year 6 Teacher, Brabham Primary School.

'Belmont City College recognises the existential real-world problem of climate change and we embrace this opportunity for our students to develop knowledge, critical thinking, and student agency to take action through sustainable solutions,' said Jane Elton, Teacher, Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS), Belmont City College.

“Agents of Climate Change gives our students a voice, and the practical skills to make a difference.


The students will live their entire lives with Climate Change and this program starts to empower them help our school contribute to the solutions. We love it,” said Daniel Mort, Principal, Guildford Primary School.

"Empowering our 11-year-olds, 'Agents of Climate Change' has ignited a spark of innovation and responsibility amongst our students. Through critical thinking and imaginative exploration, students are crafting solutions to combat our warming planet. Through joint negotiation and collaboration, our students unveil ingenious ideas and ambitious initiatives for their future. Their youthful energy and innocent demeanour infused with informed action promises a brighter, cooler future. Witnessing their passion and resolve on this topic, it's clear – the next generation is ready to lead the charge towards a sustainable world, today!" said Stephen Embry, Teacher, Guildford Primary School.


"The Agents of Climate Change Program has truly ignited a transformative journey for our students, blending engagement with a wealth of insightful information. The program empowers students to not just understand, but actively shape their ecological footprint. By addressing realistic issues pertinent to their daily lives, from energy consumption to waste management, it cultivates a sense of agency and responsibility. With the workshops, they are not just learning about the environment, but actively becoming stewards of it, making the world a better place for generations to come," said Kay Lambourne, Teacher, Hillcrest Primary School.


“This exciting partnership gives us the opportunity for our trained young leaders to take their program to schools work with students and funds their ideas for practical youth led change,” said Catrina Luz Aniere, Millennium Kids Inc, CEO.


This partnership is a result Perth Airport’s commitment to sustainability which is at the heart of our business strategy and informs and guides our plans to grow responsibly in a way that delivers positive outcomes to our customers, investors, and the communities in which the airport operates.

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