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Guidelines on Disabled Aircraft Removal Now Available

  • 09 Jun 2021

With the majority of airports in Asia-Pacific and the Middle East operating single runway facilities, in the event of a disabled aircraft stranded on the runway, prompt removal is critical for resumption of operations. The newly-released Guidelines on Disabled Aircraft Removal document is now available for members’ use. The document has a simple set of guidelines for airport operators to quickly establish a plan for removing the disabled aircraft from the movement area and managing the process in a timely, safe and efficient manner.  


The Guidelines, available to ACI Asia-Pacific members, contain key information to be included in the plan such as roles and responsibilities of parties involved, and the steps of removing a disabled aircraft from site survey, site preparation, recovery of the aircraft to repair of any damaged facilities before reopening of the runway.  


The Guidelines serve as advance reading to Part 5 of Doc 9137 of Aerodrome Services Manual which provides detailed technical and operational advice on the planning and execution of the removal of disabled aircraft. 

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