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"EXTRA MILE" Launched To Promote Creating Shared Value in the Airport Community

  • 16 Jan 2018

EXTRA MILE, a community investment project of Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA), was launched today.  EXTRA MILE is spearheaded by the Airport Authority Hong Kong (AA); and through collaboration with HKIA’s business partners, NGOs and neighbouring communities, the project aims to develop and nurture talents, improve social mobility and drive the development of HKIA and Hong Kong.


Officiating at the EXTRA MILE launching ceremony today were Matthew Cheung Kin-chung, Chief Secretary for Administration of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government; Fred Lam, Chief Executive Officer of the AA; Wilson Fung, Executive Director, Corporate Development of the AA; and representatives of the three community partners – Andy Ho, Executive Director of Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (HKFYG); Benson Ng, Director of HKSKH Lady MacLehose Centre (HKSKHLMC); and Maggie Fung, Chief Operating Officer of Playtao Education Foundation Limited (PlayTao).  Together with Dr. Raymond So, Under Secretary for Transport and Housing, representatives from 15 business partners of HKIA, and Francis Ngai, Founder and CEO of Social Ventures Hong Kong (“SVhk”), the EXTRA MILE project was officially kicked-off.


Mr Cheung said that many successful corporations, like the AA, are responsive to social needs while developing their business. Recently, enterprises and organisations in the public and private sectors alike are actively embracing the concept of “creating shared values”. This innovative business strategy is different from charity and corporate social responsibility. It encourages enterprises to make good use of the available resources, technology and experiences to spark innovation which can not only generate returns but also bring improvements to the economy, environment and people’s lives, creating values for both the enterprise and the community. Noting the success of the EXTRA MILE project, Mr Cheung commended it for having set a good model of cross-sectoral creation of shared values for other professionals and companies.


Mr Lam said, “The aviation industry is closely related to Hong Kong’s development.  As a member of the industry, the AA has been fulfilling its social obligations and responsibilities, and at the same time, striving to promote social development. The AA shares the same beliefs as the Hong Kong SAR Government in respect to creating shared value, and formulated a community investment vision in 2015 to meet the challenges and opportunities brought by the growth of airport business. We conducted feasibility studies afterwards and initiated the EXTRA MILE project.  We are glad that there are 15 business partners participating in the first year of the project, marking a good start.  With the continued involvement of our business and community partners, we hope that the EXTRA MILE project will develop and expand gradually – not only to meet the challenges of the airport community, but also to benefit more stakeholders and live up to the spirit of creating shared value.”


EXTRA MILE is an innovative, multi-year community investment project. With SVhk as its project advisor, it includes three pilot programmes: Working Holiday@Lantau, The Pioneer and EduCare.  Details are as follows:


- Working Holiday@Lantau is a one-year work placement programme for working youth, implemented in collaboration with HKFYG.  It also includes exploratory programmes such as volunteering activities and community exploration; and provides free accommodation and learning subsidies to help participants explore their directions in life.

- The Pioneer is a one-year work placement programme at HKIA for non-Chinese speakers (NCS) with leadership potential, executed in collaboration with HKSKHLMC.  It also offers cultural inclusion workshops and activities for participating business partners.  Through the programme, the AA hopes to cultivate a culturally inclusive working environment and attract more NCS to join the airport workforce, while nurturing them to become team leaders who may act as a bridge between local supervisors and NCS employees.

- EduCare is an after-school care programme for students whose parents work at HKIA, implemented in collaboration with Playtao.  Apart from providing tutorial services and exposure activities to facilitate the all-round development of participants, the programme also offers parenting workshops aimed at alleviating the burden of parents, especially working mothers in Tung Chung, in taking care of their children.  It aims to assist airport staff in establishing healthier family relationships, while developing the full potential of the latent female labour force.

The three pilot programmes are currently accepting applications.  Interested participants can enquire at:

- Working Holiday@Lantau: HKFYG enquiry number: 3113-7999.
- The Pioneer: Participants must be non-Chinese speakers who can speak fluent English and/or Cantonese.  HKSKHLMC enquiry number: 2751-6226.
- EduCare – Participants must be employed at the HKIA with children studying in primary schools in Yat Tung Estate.  Playtao enquiry number: 5533-8201.


About the Community Partners of EXTRA MILE


Community Partner of “Working Holiday@Lantau” – The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (HKFYG)

The HKFYG is the city’s largest youth service organisation.  Since 1960, the HKFYG has been providing opportunities and facilities for the social, educational, cultural and physical development of young people.  The HKFYG promotes the concept of “life planning” for young people, and as a result, the Youth Employment Network has acted as a bridge for youth to smoothen the transition from school to work by improving their employability, while at the same time exploring work opportunities and encouraging the business sector to employ young people.


Community Partner of “The Pioneer” – HKSKH Lady MacLehose Centre (HKSKHLMC)

HKSKHLMC has been providing diversified social services for people from different sectors with the spirit of "not to be served, but to serve" since November 1973.  The Services for Ethnic Minorities Unit under HKSKHLMC is dedicated to helping NCS to integrate into society by facilitating whole person development, offering parental education support to NCS families, and enhancing career planning within NCS communities.


Community Partner of “EduCare” – Playtao Education Foundation Limited

Playtao is a social enterprise under SVhk that has provided afterschool childcare and education services for children from underprivileged families through its “Playtao Foreverland” programme since 2009.  It seeks to empower children by raising their skills and exposure through multi-disciplinary, extra-curricular learning.  To date, 13 cooperative schools, over 2400 students, and more than 700 tutors have participated in this programme.


Project advisor of EXTRA MILE – Social Ventures Hong Kong (SVhk)

Established in 2007, SVhk is an innovative impact-purpose organization.  It strives to invent, incubate and invest in impact-purpose projects, and boasts over 40 innovative social projects, including barrier-free taxi Diamond Cab, social housing units Light Home and Light Housing, meatless brand name Green Monday, Playtao Education and RunOurCity.


The 15 business partners participating in EXTRA MILE are:

  •  Asia Airfreight Terminal Company Limited
  •  Aviation Security Company Limited
  •  Cathay Pacific Airways
  •  Cathay Pacific Catering Services (HK) Limited
  •  China Aircraft Services Limited
  •  DHL Aviation (Hong Kong) Limited
  •  Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Limited
  •  Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company Limited
  •  Hong Kong Airlines Limited
  •  Hong Kong Aviation Ground Services Limited
  •  Hong Kong Business Aviation Centre Limited
  •  Plaza Premium Lounge Management Limited
  •  Regal Airport Hotel
  •  Select Service Partner Hong Kong Limited
  •  Worldwide Flight Services

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