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Centrair Announces Goal to Reduce Emissions

  • 03 Jun 2021

Central Japan International Airport Co., Ltd. announces its goal to reduce the CO2 emissions from the airport facilities to virtually zero by 2050 under the name of "Centrair Zero Carbon 2050".


Global warming is an urgent matter that affects all the countries in the world, countermeasures to reduce our impact in the planet are more important now that ever. In October last year, Japan declared 2050 Carbon Neutral plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050. In April this year, a new goal of 46% reduction of greenhouse gases by 2030 (compared to 2013) was also announced.


Until now, we have been working to reduce the environmental footprint by introducing a new cogeneration system, installing a solar power system in the terminal building, and promoting the increase of hydrogen energy. However more initiatives are necessary to reach the goal of zero gas emissions by 2050.


From now on, Central Japan International Airport Co., Ltd. is going to continue to strengthen the cooperation with the national and local governments, including the Centrair Eco Airport Promotion Council to achieve virtually zero CO2 emissions.


Major Initiatives for Zero Carbon 2050

Efforts by the Centrair Group

Usage of renewable energy

  • Introduction of solar power generators to the airport facilities.
  • Possible introduction of solar power generation facilities to airside sites.

Improving the energy saving and efficiency of the airport facilities

  • 100% LED conversion of major airport facilities (aviation lights, cargo sheds, office buildings, etc.)
  • Improvement of cogeneration system
  • Updating to energy-saving equipment, promoting energy-saving activities among employees, etc.

Efforts in collaboration with airport personnel, local communities, etc.

Promotion of Aichi / Tokoname Super City Concept

  • Introducing new technologies to promote the utilization of Cell Fuel and energy optimization.

EV/ FCV conversion

  • EV and FCV conversion of the GSE (Ground Support Equipment) vehicles used at airport.

Promotion of greening activities

  • Promotion of afforestation activities for forest development.


  • Introducing, in cooperation with other organizations, new technologies such as energy management AI, expanding the use of hydrogen power generation, on-site CO2 separation and recovery, use of city gas by metanation, among others.
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