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ACI Asia-Pacific Releases Tendering Guideline for Climate Resilience Planning

  • 2022-09-28

ACI Asia-Pacific has released the Tendering Guideline for Climate Resilience Planning to build on airport operators’ understanding of the climate risk assessment. This guideline will help identify an airport’s sensitivity to adverse impacts and adaptive capacity to climate hazards.


The assessment can be used for development of possible adaptation actions to improve resilience and manage the impacts of a changing climate at an airport. This guideline provides sample contract clauses which can be used in the tendering process to commission a climate resilience study.


Airports bear a significant risk from a changing climate which are likely to become more severe and dangerous in the future. The negative impacts caused by climate change are disruptive and have serious potential consequences for airport safety, asset management and operational resilience.


Conducting a climate risk assessment could be highly technical and resource-intensive, and it is likely that airport operators may require collaboration with external experts or consultants to perform the task unless the airport is well-resourced with sufficient in-house technical expertise and capacity.


While the focus of the guideline is to provide tendering guidance to support airports to commission their own climate risk assessment for climate resilience planning, further information has been provided in each section to educate Airport Sustainability Managers on the climate risk assessment process. This will help Airport Sustainability Managers to become more informed as they commence the process.


The Tendering Guideline provides more information on physical risk assessment, with supplementary high level guidance provided on transition risk assessment and alignment with the Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosures for airports interested in taking further steps – the contents of the guideline are shown below.


To read Tender Guideline here

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ACI Asia-Pacific Releases Tendering Guidelines for Climate Resilience Planning

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