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ACI APAC & MID Regional Aviation Security Committee Meets in Oman to Discuss Challenges in Security Operations

  • 2024-05-13

Aviation Security is an essential element in airport operations, and has always been a key strategic priority for Airports Council International. The ACI Asia-Pacific & Middle East Regional Aviation Security Committee (RASC) continues to serve as an important platform for airports to share experience and best practices for improving security operations. 

Over 50 security experts from airports and World Business Partners (WBPs) in the region recently convened in Muscat, Oman from 7-9 May 2024 for the 32nd ACI Asia-Pacific and Middle East RASC meeting. 


Over the two-day meeting, the committee discussed various topics that have been top priorities for many airports in the region in recent years, including the protection of unauthorised use of drones, the adoption of CT machines at security checkpoints, small airport challenges, one-stop security, liquid screening and the potential use of artificial intelligence in airport security operations. 

Besides, the committee held a brainstorming exercise to devise security elements that should be considered during the design phase of any new infrastructure. In view of the significant capital investment that is forecasted to be put into building greenfield airports or renovating existing airport infrastructure in the next few decades in the region, the concept of security-by-design has become ever more important. If perspectives of security can be considered early in the design and drawing phase of any new infrastructure, it could help save cost and improve efficiency in eventual operations. The committee will look into developing a guidance in this regard by consolidating inputs provided at the meeting. 


In addition, the committee agreed that landside security remains one of the top challenges for many airports, and should remain a priority in the RASC’ work plan. In particular, committee members expressed strong interest in discusssing in future RASC meetings on how emergency drill exercise is conducted for any potential attacks at landside areas of airports. 
The meeting concluded with an airport tour at the Muscat International Airport. 

The next RASC meeting will be held in November 2024 in Da Nang, Vietnam.   

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