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Macau International Airport Co., Ltd. (CAM), COVID-19, Meeting
  • 2022-12-09
  • Members’ News

In response to the “New Ten Measures” issued by the State Council lately to optimize the prevention measures and the announcement of Macau Health Bureau (SSM) yesterday to optimize the quarantine measures for people visiting Macau from other regions, Macau International Airport Company Limited (CAM) held an extraordinary meeting of Executive Committee at 10:00 am on 9th December 2022. At the meeting, Chairman of the Executive Committee Dr. Deng Jun, Executive Directors Mr. Chu Tan Neng, Mr. Kan Cheok Kuan and Mr. Lei Si Tai discussed the top priority and key tasks of various work aspects of the company concerning the implementation of new measures and the preparation of backup plans related to policy development. Chairman Deng shared news reporting that the number of air ticket bookings between the Mainland and Macau on multiple flight ticket reservation platforms has increased dramatically. In addition, nearly 20 provinces and cities have adjusted prevention and control measures, and destination travel bookings have recovered significantly. The Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Centre held a press conference yesterday (8th December 2022) afternoon to announce the latest immigration measures: amongst, people visiting Macau from regions other than Zhuhai in the Mainland must present negative nucleic acid test (NAT) result within 48 hours before boarding a flight or vessel, and relevant requirements of NAT or rapid antigen test (RAT) after arriving Macau will be completely cancelled. These new measures are believed to promote the recovery of the Macau’s tourism. Chairman Deng requested all units to strictly follow up and cooperate with SSM of the SAR Government to implement the relevant measures, and be well prepared to ensure the airport safety, security, operation and service during the Christmas and New Year holiday. Airport Operations Department and all operators and service providers are required to welcome passengers with the fresh approach. Prevention measures for personnel in all positions must be in place, while, strengthen promotion and guidance to staff avoiding virus transmission as much as possible. Business development under the new situation has to be enhanced through leadership of the facilitation works on passenger, cargo markets and commercial for formulating new business development plans to strengthen competitiveness and innovation. CAM Epidemic Prevention Response Team Expand Meeting will be scheduled to adjust measures up to the latest situation from time to time and develop new business.

Mr. Chu Tan Neng, Executive Director of CAM stated that the Airport Operations Department (AOD) started to prepare for the new measure of the government and cooperate with relevant units to implement detailed works such as cancellation of the NAT upon the arrival of the passengers since yesterday. And the Marketing Department (MKD) is starting to coordinate with the airlines regarding the issues of flight increase and recovery, to implement measures that in line with the government’s new guidelines, ensure the safe and smooth operation of the airport, and prepare for the recovery of the market.

Mr. Kan Cheok Kuan, Executive Director of CAM pointed out that the airport’s prevention and control measures will be adjusted in response to the relevant government guidelines and actual conditions. As the government has gradually adjusted the policy and requirements, it is foreseeable that the number of cases in Macau will increase rapidly due to the adjustment. CAM will continue to encourage employees to get the booster shot and remind them to manage their personal health properly, closely cooperate with the government on the implementation of the measures, and re-examine the staff allocation and related arrangements to maintain the daily operations of the airport community.

Mr. Lei Si Tai, Executive Director of CAM considered that Macau will be in a wave of infections after the implementation of the new measures, at the current stage we are more concerned about the staff arrangement of the front line airport service providers, relevant departments have been reminded to closely follow up on related matters and prepare the control measures in accordance with the government requirements, to ensure that airport security services are not being affected. It is also recommended to strengthen employees' health management awareness to protect their own health and safety.