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Noi Bai International Airport Receives Airport Health Accreditation

  • 01 Dec 2020

Noi Bai International Airport (NIA) of Vietnam has received the certificate of Airport Health Accreditation (AHA) from the Airports Council International (AIC) on November 24.

Accordingly, the ACI has recognized that the airport has met a high standards for health safety and pandemic prevention in its operation. As announced,  the accreditation is valid for the next 12 months.


The awarding ceremony, which was held virtually on November 27, saw the participation of Mr.Antoine Rostworowski, Permanent Vice President for Programmes and Commercial Services of the ACI, Mr. Dinh Viet Thang, Director of Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam, Mr. Nguyen Duc Hung, Deputy General Director of Airports Corporation of Vietnam (ACV) cum Director of NIA, Mr. Nguyen Quoc Phuong, Deputy General Director of Airports Corporation of Vietnam, and representatives of Noi Bai International Airport.

The AHA program aims to introduce passengers to the international airports that have met the international standards for pandemic prevention and given first and foremost priority to health safety of their passengers in the context of the COVID19 pandemic.

To receive an AHA certification, NIA has employed a number of COVID-19 preventive measures to ensure health safety of passengers. These include frequently cleaning and disinfection in the airport, exercising physical distancing, ensuring good health for its staff, and using safe communication methods. Additionally, the airport always provides goods and services meeting the international aviation standards in terms of both quality and medical safety.

"NIA provides safe experiences for all passengers, complying with the ACI Aviation Business Restart and Recovery guidelines and ICAO Council Aviation Restart Task Force recommendations along with industry best practices," said Luis Felipe de Oliveira, General Director of ACI.

Speaking at the awarding ceremony, Antoine Rostworowski sent his congratulations to the ACV in general and Noi Bai International Airport in particular, highlighting that the airport has exerted all-out efforts to continuously operate during the COVID-10 pandemic. “We are very happy to know that the ACV is completing the procedures to start the construction of Long Thanh International Airport by this year. We also congratulate NIA on its constant position on the top of the list of international airports with a capacity of over 15 million passengers. We appreciated the careful and strict medical safety measures employed by NIA in the context of COVID-19. We highly appreciated the airport’s strict compliance with a series of measures and standards set out by us for the AHA assessment program. This is the one and only program coordinated by the ICAO and all participants have to go through a really hard working process. I know that currently, a number of other Vietnamese airports are implementing our assessment program. I hope that they will be certified as soon as possible”, Antoine Rostworowski underscored.


Directly handing the AHA certificate to NIA, Mr. Dinh Viet Thang shared: “The certificate has demonstrated that the ACI and the international community have recognized the efforts of the ACV and the State management of Vietnam in applying effective measures to ensure health safety for the airport’s staff and passengers during the COVID-19 pandemic”. On behalf of CAAV, he thanked relevant agencies for creating favourable condition for NIA to complete the ACI’s evaluation program. “The CAAV will always support the ACV to participate in activities and programs within the framework of the ACI, especially programs related to airport operations and aviation safety”, Thang said.

Mr. Nguyen Duc Hung, Deputy Director of the ACV cum Director of NIA stated: “The AHA certification has demonstrated the great effort of the airport’s staff in implementing measures against the COVID-19 pandemic. It will motivate our staff to provide better and safer services for our people.”

On behalf of ACV, Mr. Nguyen Quoc Phuong said: “As a number of international airports have been certified by the ACI, I hope, relevant agencies of countries will consider reopening some international routes between certified airports. This can ensure safe travel on one hand, and will contribute to reducing damages caused by COVID-19 pandemic to the global aviation industry in the other hand”.

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