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Mangaluru International Airport wins ACI’s Green Airports Recognition (GAR) Programme 2023 in under 8 million passengers in Asia-Pacific

  • 2023-05-18
  • Mangaluru International Airport's Single Use Plastic Free Initiative Earns International Recognition
  • Mangaluru International Airport's Dedication to Sustainability Recognized in ACI’s Green Airports Recognition Programme 2023


In keeping with the ethos of green progress and sustainability, Mangaluru International Airport has attained the prestigious Platinum rating in the Green Airports Recognition (GAR) Programme 2023 in the under 8 million passengers/annum category. Bestowed by Airports Council International (ACI) Asia-Pacific, the rating is a testament to MIAs unwavering dedication and accomplishments in sustainability initiatives.


The rating is a recognition towards MIAs continued mission to becoming one of the first airports to eliminate the use of Single-Use Plastic (SUP). Mangaluru International Airport continues to maintain the highest standard with its green initiatives and has taken strides towards environmental stewardship. The award was presented at the 18th ACI Asia-Pacific regional assembly, conference and exhibition in Kobe. 


Centered around the theme of "SUP elimination," the GAR Programme 2023 amplifies the global imperative to combat the detrimental impact of single-use plastic pollution, with a special focus on the aviation industry. This recognition is a testament to the efforts put forth by MIA in its endeavor to create a better & greener future for the aviation industry while providing a world class experience and comfort to all its passengers. 


MIA as part of the project “SUP Free Airport” identified sources of single-use plastic that was in in use at the airport, including from business partners, employees, stakeholders, and passengers. Accordingly, airport issued guidelines to all restaurants to provide wooden cutlery items. In F&B outlets, SUP cups, straws have been eliminated and replaced with glass/paper cups and paper straws. 


Duty-free bags at international departures/arrivals have been converted to cloth bags. Changeover from SUP bags to paper bags have been implemented at all retail outlets. At the office, use of SUP drinking water bottles has been eliminated and converted to glass bottles. Under the SUP free airport campaign, awareness video has been displayed at digital display boards and flight information display system at various locations.  
Guidelines have been provided to all vendors to dispatch spare parts, products, and consumables without SUP wrappers. By implementing the above project, MIA has reduced the plastic waste from an average of 1238kg per month in FY 22 to an average of 444 kg/month in FY 23, resulting in reduction of 23.8-tonnes of CO2. The SUP free airport project has further bolstered the airport’s intent to achieve Net Zero goals.  


MIA proudly accepts the highest honor in the GAR programme 2023, reinforcing its role as a trailblazer in sustainability. This remarkable achievement is a true reflection of the airport's unwavering dedication and tireless efforts in fostering sustainable practices. With this momentous recognition, the airport remains steadfast in its mission to shape an eco-conscious and environmentally responsible future for generations to come.

Mangaluru International Airport
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Airports Innovate, Airports Innovate 2024, Rome Italy, aviation conference
Airport Carbon Accreditation
Airports Innovate, Airports Innovate 2024, Rome Italy, aviation conference
The Trinity Forum 2024, The Moodie Davitt Report, Ho Chi Minh City, Travel, Luxury, IPP Travel Retail
Airport Carbon Accreditation