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KIX Applies Antimicrobial Coating on Frequently-Touched Surfaces

  • 29 Mar 2021

Beginning April 2021, Kansai Airports will use an antimicrobial, dirt-proof coating on frequently-touched surfaces such as elevators, handrails and other indoor locations in Kansai International Airport (KIX), bolstering current cleaning and disinfection protocols to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in the terminals.

With this newly-developed coating product, the maker has succeeded in adding virus inactivation effect (effective against one type of enveloped virus and one type of non-enveloped virus) to a high-hardness, highly dirt-repellent film by applying the technology that it has cultivated through many years working in automobile coating. The product will form a coating that firmly incorporates antimicrobial compounds during the curing reaction with moisture in the air, providing an excellent abrasion resistance and long-lasting ability to inactivate viruses and other microbes that come into contact with the surface. Prior to the adoption of the product, trial tests have been carried out since October last year, and the sustained antimicrobial effect was confirmed by inspecting the condition of the coated surfaces, paving the way to this official adoption. In the days and weeks ahead, we will consider rolling this out to Osaka International Airport and Kobe Airport as part of our commitment to protecting airport users from infection and supporting border controls at the three airports. 


Kansai Airports continues providing customers and airport workers alike with a safe environment and peace of mind when they use its airports.


The coating product is “PROSPEC H-7 Anti-viral Coating for Equipment”, developed and distributed by SOFT99 Corporation.     

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