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Developing Professional Training and Facilitation Skills

  • 08 Jun 2021

Are you a training practitioner wishing to improve your professional training and facilitation skills? The ACI Online Learning Centre (OLC) is pleased to introduce the latest addition to its suite of online courses. 


The Train the Trainer course teaches that being a skilled trainer and facilitator is more than simply standing in front of people and delivering a message.  


This course will teach techniques and behaviours which will deliver positive training results and empower people when they leave a training session. 


The course entails:  


Training Fundamentals Learning Engagement Strategies Planning Your Session Effective Communication Methods Ensuring Engaging Interactions 
  • Elements of effective training 
  • Types of training occurrences 
  • Core competencies of effective trainers 
  • Framing effective learning environments 
  • Revisiting adult learning principles  
  • Effective learning approaches 
  • Learning assumptions  
  • Motivating adult learners 
  • Developing learning objectives 
  • Creating a session plan 
  • Organizing and structuring the content 
  • Preparing to engage participants 
  • Developing proper communication skills 
  • Interpreting non-verbal cues 
  • Creating a learning culture 
  • Questioning for effective learning 
  • Managing challengers and interrupters 
  • Assessing learning performance 
  • Providing feedback 
  • Getting participants involved 


Sign up for the course here.  

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