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Changi Airport Workers Honoured for Their Exceptional Acts of Kindness and Customer Service in the First Full Post-covid Annual Airport Celebration

  • 2024-02-05

Airport staff recognised at the Annual Airport Celebration 2024 for their outstanding service to passengers


P-Serv Pte Ltd is also recognised as Changi’s ‘Service Partner of the Year’ for boldly nurturing a multi-skilled workforce while leveraging technology to transform service standards to passengers during the pandemic.


In recognition of outstanding service to passengers, Changi Airport's Annual Airport Celebration awards ceremony put the spotlight on exceptional individuals who personify the core values of the Changi Service DNA, having gone above and beyond to uplift passenger experience.


A total of 21 service awards, along with recognition for a distinguished partner organisation, were presented across five categories, encompassing distinctions such as 'Service Personality of the Year,' 'Service Partner of the Year,' 'Outstanding Service Staff of the Year,' 'Outstanding Custodial Staff of the Year,' and 'Outstanding Service Team of the Year.' Mr Chee Hong Tat, Minister for Transport, presented the top two awards, culminating in a moment of distinction and recognition for their extraordinary contributions to service excellence.


Award recipients were chosen for their exceptional dedication that surpassed regular duties, demonstrating initiative, resourcefulness, care, and creativity in handling challenging situations.  The meticulous selection process also considered notes of appreciation and feedback from passengers, further underscoring their exceptional impact on the Changi service experience.

An Extraordinary Two-Week Gesture of Compassion

Certis Aviation Security’s Service Operations Executive, Haresh S/O Chandran, received the ‘Service Personality of the Year’ award


On December 22, 2022, Certis Aviation Security’s Service Operations Executive Haresh S/O Chandran demonstrated exceptional care and compassion when he responded to an urgent call about an elderly German passenger who had fallen. He escorted the injured passenger and her husband to the airport clinic for a thorough examination. As the passenger needed further medical treatment at the hospital, Haresh arranged for an ambulance and informed the airline about their situation. Haresh's dedication also went beyond work hours. As the couple had no local friends and relatives, Haresh visited them regularly at the hospital, providing thoughtful gestures and support, including arranging accommodation for the husband's extended stay and repairing his mobile device. To keep their spirits up, Haresh even celebrated Christmas with the couple, bringing festive joy to them. When the passenger was ready for discharge, Haresh ensured the couple’s smooth journey home, coordinating with the doctor to ensure that all essential medical documents were submitted to the airline for special assistance during their flight.


Haresh's commitment is rooted in empathy, shaped by his own personal challenges with dyslexia, and inspired by the support he received from loved ones and mentors. In recognition of his extraordinary two-week commitment extending beyond Changi Airport, Haresh is honoured as the ‘Service Personality of the Year’ for 2023.


A Transformative Journey in Elevating Customer Service 

P-Serv Pte Ltd named the ‘Service Partner of the Year’ award


P-Serv Pte Ltd (P-Serv) was named ‘Service Partner of the Year’ at this year’s award. Despite operating with leaner staff strength compared to pre-pandemic period, P-Serv courageously embraced Changi's vision, nurturing a versatile workforce while harnessing technology to elevate staff productivity and deliver enhanced value to passengers.


During the pandemic, P-Serv collaborated with Changi Airport to enhance passenger experience and operational efficiency. The introduction of Virtual Changi Experience Agent (vCEA) services and Chatbot Max expanded passenger outreach by nearly 40%, offering contactless yet personalised assistance. As travel rebounded, P-Serv played a key role in implementing Integrated Customer Care (ICC), seamlessly integrating customer handling functions. This boosted productivity by 30%, despite operating with a reduced workforce.  While training staff for ICC deployment, P-Serv expanded multilingual support services to over 20 languages, ensuring a "home away from home" experience for passengers. Additionally, with the reintroduction of the Changi Service Ambassador (CSA) volunteer programme, P-Serv provides complimentary knowledge training and mentorship, fostering collaboration between CSAs and CEAs. 


Over the years, P-Serv has collaborated closely with Changi Airport to innovate and transform service delivery. These innovations not only preserve the personal touch in service but also enable P-Serv to expand its capabilities, upskill its staff, and efficiently serve more passengers through cutting-edge digital platforms. Through this transformative journey, P-Serv focuses on growing a highly skilled workforce, ensuring that its people are equipped to deliver an elevated service experience to more passengers.

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Airport Carbon Accreditation
The Trinity Forum 2024, The Moodie Davitt Report, Ho Chi Minh City, Travel, Luxury, IPP Travel Retail
Airports Innovate, Airports Innovate 2024, Rome Italy, aviation conference