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CAM Representative Attended the 7th China Airport Service Conference

  • 2022-09-23

The 7th China Airport Service Conference, co-hosted by China Civil Airports Association (CCAA), China Academy of Civil Aviation Science and Technology and CAAC News, was held in Beijing on 5th September 2022. Macau International Airport Company Limited (CAM), as a Board member of the Association, Chief Representative of Beijing Representative Office of CAM Ms. Yuan Weifang represented to attend the conference.


With the theme of "Innovative service, Quality development for people to enjoy their actions", the conference invited representatives from Civil Aviation Administration of China, State Administration for Market Regulation, Airports Council International (ACI), as well as domestic and foreign airports, airlines, leaders and experts from scientific research institutes and other enterprises and institutions to join. Focusing on the theme of “enhancing industry resilience in the post-epidemic era, improving airport service quality, and helping the industry take a new step in high-quality development”, it was discussed in the meeting how the aviation industry has changed in the post-epidemic era and how to push up the industry renaissance with high-quality services.


Mr. Dong Zhiyi, Deputy Administrator of the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), delivered in his speech, since "The 13th Five-Year Plan", airport service capabilities have continued to increase, airport service levels have continued to improve, and airport service experience has continued to improve. In order to further improve the airport service, he mentioned four points: First, we must seize the high point and take responsibility, and strive to become the power of national development; Second, we must focus on difficult points and ensure safety,  firmly grasp the initiative in service development; Third, we must clear the blocking points and improve efficiency, create a new model of high-quality development; Fourth, we must clear the blind spots and create new experience of airport services. To build up the civil aviation "China Service" brand with the core of "True Service".


Mr. Li Xuanqing, Deputy Head of the Quality Development Bureau of the State Administration for Market Regulation, said the civil aviation industry is an important part to smoothen the domestic and international circulation. Civil aviation service is a name card in the whole service industry. Recent years, CAAC, CCAA and CAAC News have achieved remarkable results in the construction of civil aviation quality by carried out a series of special activities. It has greatly improved the quality of civil aviation services and leading in all fields of the service industry. It is hoped that the civil aviation field will further strengthen the awareness of quality, use the advantages of quality improvement to hedge the disadvantages from the epidemic, and continue to lead and set an example in various fields of the service industry.


Mr. Stefano Baroncl, Director General of ACI Asia Pacific, said that the recovery of the aviation industry in the post-epidemic era requires a new level of cooperation among stakeholders, the imperative is to adopt a new approach and mindset. In order to keep pace with the changing customer service expectations, airlines, airports and governments should work closely together to lead from the front. First, to meet the new expectations of passengers under the "new normal", emphasizing hygiene and enhancing the airport experience; Second, technology innovation and improve efficiency in order to provide passengers with a more convenient, faster and safer travel experience.


In addition, Ms. Xu Qing, Deputy Director General of Department of Transport of CAAC and Mr. Zhu Wenxin, Deputy Director of Department of Airport of CAAC, made interpretation and presentation on the topics of “14th Five-Year Plan for Air Transport Passenger Services Special Plan" and "Focusing on Airport User Needs to Strengthen Airport Operation Services”. 


Awards are presented to the representatives of airports who have won the “2021 China Civil Airport Service Quality Excellent Airport”. Beijing Capital International Airport, Beijing Daxing International Airport, Dalian Zhoushuizi Airport, Yiwu Airport, Jieyang Chaoshan International Airport, etc. have won the title of excellent service quality in 2-10 million and 10 million or above accordingly. At the same time, the conference officially launched the national “Double-Carbon Airport” evaluation ceremony.


With the help of the top class, international and comprehensive service trade trading platform, China International Fair for Trade in Services, this conference showed the achievements of service innovation and quality development in the aviation industry, uplifted the international image and influence and boost up the high-quality development in the industry.

7th China Airport Service Conference

CAM Representative Attended the 7th China Airport Service Conference

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