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Hong Kong Terminal 1 Extension to Commence Operation on 29 November 2019

  • 21 Nov 2019

Airport Authority Hong Kong (AA) announced that the extension of Terminal 1 (T1) at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) has been scheduled to commence operation on 29 November 2019, adding a new Aisle L with 48 check-in counters and bringing the total number of check-in counters in T1 to 369. The number of smart check-in kiosks in T1 will also increase to over 100 at the extended departure level.


In tandem with the opening of T1 extension, Terminal 2 (T2) will be decommissioned temporarily for expansion as part of the Three-runway System (3RS) project. Check-in counters at T2 will suspend operation at around 2300hrs on 28 November 2019, after which the check-in service for all airlines will be conducted in T1.


Ancillary services currently provided in T2, including the lost and found office and baggage storage service will be relocated to T1 and start operation on 29 November. The new ticketing counters for cross-boundary limousine and coach service will be relocated to the Arrivals level of the T1 extension area and open on the same day. Two additional baggage reclaim carousels in the restricted area at Arrivals level, catering kiosks and offices, will commence operation in phases. 


Signage and notices will be updated to provide clear directions, while additional manpower will be deployed to assist passengers.


The decommissioned T2 is expected to reopen in 2024 after expansion, along with the commissioning of the entire 3RS.T2 will then be a full service terminal providing both arrivals and departure services.


Passengers can check with HKIA’s webpage and HKG My Flight mobile app for information related to the opening of T1 extension and T2 decommissioning, as well as flight service and passenger facilities.


Designated webpage for opening of T1 extension:

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