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Hamad International Airport Marks One Year Since the Opening of "ORCHARD"

  • 2023-11-28

6,000 square meters with over 65 world-renowned retail and exclusive hospitality


In November 2022, Hamad International Airport unveiled Phase A of its expansion plan, consisting of nine projects, including the much-anticipated indoor tropical garden, ORCHARD. Designed to go above and beyond ‘stress-free’ travelling, the latest installation of the airport’s infrastructure was set to create a space to relax, rejuvenate and recharge.


With a customer first approach, Hamad International Airport ensures it caters to all passengers that travel through its facility, whether for business, travelling as a family or the solo traveler, the airport offers a unique journey where waiting doesn’t feel like waiting and where new possibilities start.


Nestled at the heart of the world-class airport, ORCHARD sprawls across 6,000 square meters, offering over 65 out of the airport’s 180 world-renowned retail and dining experiences – all harmoniously set against a refreshingly lush green environment.


Benchmarking the ‘Bleisure’ Experience

For business travelers, ORCHARD is a sanctuary. Designed as a hassle-free environment, the indoor tropical garden unfolds as an oasis of tranquility that allows business travelers to unwind and recharge. ORCHARD is home to a plethora of world-firsts, including coffee shops and unique dining experience.


Part of the expansion project also included four new lounges that can be utilized for business travellers which include, Al Mourjan Business Lounge – the Garden, which recently unveiled its Louis Vuitton Lounge, North Plaza lounges - Al Maha Lounge, Oryx Lounge and Gold and Platinum lounge. Hamad International Airport offers unlimited free Wi-Fi so passengers can always stay connected and provides solutions to navigate easily within the expansive terminal.


Fun-filled Adventures

Hamad International Airport is a playground of discoveries. Families can create an itinerary of exploration for their little ones, starting with art installations and activity nodes across the South Plaza of the airport, board the passenger train to connect to the North Plaza and ORCHARD, where play and fun can continue.


Families also have multiple dining and retail experiences befitting to little travellers, such as Hamleys, the first Oreo Café at an airport and two food courts at ORCHARD. The airport earlier this year installed several digital wayfinding solutions to assist travellers with information, such as retail and dining options, flight information, attractions and host QR codes to navigate from one point to another, with ease.


A place to create new memories

ORCHARD is a unique destination within Hamad International Airport. Whether creating new photographic memories, discovering new flavours, or embarking on a shopping spree, it has something on offer for everyone.


This architectural wonder with a column free, grid shell roof that controls and filters the light required to maintain the rainforest trees, embodies a sense of calm and serenity. The trees which are the focal point of ORCHARD vary in size and shape, transporting travellers to unexplored adventures.


Sustainability at the forefront

Hamad International Airport is the first airport in the region to achieve Global Sustainability Assessment System Design & Build (GSAS-D&B) 4-Star certifications from Gulf Organization for Research & Development (GORD), attributed to ORCHARD, Oryx Garden Hotel, the North Plaza lounges, Al Mourjan Business Lounge - The Garden and the Remote Transfer Baggage Facility.

The GSAS-D&B certification validates that a project is designed and built with special consideration for the environment and helps reduce the project’s carbon footprint.


Hamad International Airport is constantly reviewing its operations and travel trends, in order to meet and exceed the requirements of travellers and partners. Phase B of the expansion project will increase the airport capacity to 70 million passengers, with over 95,000 square meters in extension of Concourses D and E and new cargo terminal.


Official Video of ORCHARD:

Hamad International Airport
Airport Carbon Accreditation
Airports Innovate, Airports Innovate 2024, Rome Italy, aviation conference
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The Trinity Forum 2024, The Moodie Davitt Report, Ho Chi Minh City, Travel, Luxury, IPP Travel Retail
Airports Innovate, Airports Innovate 2024, Rome Italy, aviation conference
Airport Carbon Accreditation