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Flood Relief Support Provided To More Than 1,500 Families Within The Airport Vicinity Nationwide

  • 2021-12-26

More than 1,500 flood affected families within the airport vicinity nationwide continue to receive much needed aid and support. Areas that were badly hit by the flood include Sepang, Subang and Kuantan where Malaysia Airports and its local airport volunteers have reached out to provide rescue services, temporary shelter, food aid, basic necessities, and house cleaning under the organisation’s #MYAirportCARES initiative.


300 of the Group’s oil palm plantation workers under its agriculture-horticulture subsidiary had to be rescued from their living quarters that were completely submerged in water and have been rehoused at a temporary location. The Malaysia Airports Training Centre (MATC) in Sepang is now serving as a flood relief shelter for more than 100 employees and their families. Daily meals, personal care and medical care essentials are continuously provided at these temporary shelters to ensure that basic needs are met.  With water level receding at the affected areas over the past week, airport volunteers have switched from conducting rescue missions to cleaning affected houses. More than 50 houses have been cleaned in the last two days.


During one of the visits to the MATC, Managing Director of Malaysia Airports, Dato’ Iskandar Mizal Mahmood reassured the affected staff and their families of the Group’s commitment in assisting them during this difficult period, “Hundreds of our employees have had their lives devastated by this recent calamity. Our first priority right now is to make sure they are well taken care.  I am also very proud to see non-affected employees augmenting the efforts made by the Group.  Our volunteer group has grown bigger, to about 100 people from the previous 30. Other employees are also making personal contribution and donation to help with relief efforts. Members of the public have been equally generous, contributing to funds and providing meals to the airport volunteers.”


“The mental health of those affected is equally important. It is not easy for them to remain upbeat following their recent losses. Bearing this in mind, we organise daily exercise sessions and activities for children to help keep their mind focused on positives and keep their children occupied. It is trying times for everyone, and we will be there to give our fullest support,” he added.  


Malaysia Airports would like to take this opportunity to thank the following donors who have generously provided hot meals for volunteers and everyone under the Group’s care in the past week:


  • Masjid Tengku Ampuan Jamaah, Bukit Jelutong
  • Jentayu Enstek
  • Ummi Fi Sabilillah (NGO)
  • Yayasan Amal Malaysia (NGO)
  • Petronas KLIA
  • Nasi Kandar Line Clear, Kampung Baru
  • Rockets Pizza

Malaysia Airports’ operations nationwide continue as usual and remain on high alert in monitoring weather conditions during this monsoon season and peak travelling period. Passengers are advised to plan ahead their journey so that they can arrive on time safely.

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