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CSMIA Witnesses Positive Boost In Passenger Traffic During The Weekends

  • 2021-08-12

Higher domestic flight capacity and ease of domestic travel restrictions have accelerated passenger traffic from Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA). Witnessing growth at an accelerated pace, CSMIA observed a spike in air traffic with passengers travelling during the weekend and registered an increase of approximately 59% in passenger traffic in July 2021 as compared to June 2021. CSMIA has worked relentlessly through the pandemic and has constantly strived to provide uninterrupted connectivity to travellers while creating a haven for its passengers and personnel.


CSMIA has played host to a total of approximately 1.1 million passengers over 11,400 plus flights across domestic and international destinations in the month of July 2021. Among these passengers, CSMIA witnessed a capacity of approximately 0.5 million passengers over 4,000 plus flights only during the weekends, while June month observed 0.3 million passengers over 2,700 plus flights during the weekends. The gradual opening of offices is complemented with an increase in the flight capacity, which has been the other factor for sequential growth from CSMIA. Weekends saw a majority of passengers travelling to Delhi, Bengaluru and Hyderabad destinations from CSMIA in the domestic sector and Doha, Newark and Dubai destinations in the international sector. 


While the passenger traffic is increasing aggressively, the majority of Indian states and international countries require a negative RT-PCR certificate. To make the passenger travel hassle-free, CSMIA has established over 30 counters of testing facilities at Terminal 2 for international and domestic passengers. Since its launch in September 2020, CSMIA has added new facilities and explored various avenues to accommodate and reduce dwell time for passengers awaiting the reports. For passengers wanting a quicker result, CSMIA also has a facility for an express test that provides prompt & accurate diagnosis in 13 minutes. Moreover, CSMIA has taken a step further towards passenger safety by allowing 


Mylab Discovery Solutions a space to set up the RT-PCR testing counter and to facilitate the processing of the sample for a quick turnaround. The additional facility has been introduced for convenience and offering a speedy report to the arriving passengers. The RT-PCR test facility at CSMIA for both arriving and departing passengers is a boon for traveller concerns regarding the various quarantine regulations across borders.


Since the advent of the pandemic, CSMIA had implemented numerous SOPs, including the preventive measures laid down by health and government bodies to safeguard the wellbeing of the passengers and airport personnel. CSMIA is continuously working towards its passengers' wellbeing and safety and ensuring it assists them with high-quality standards and a world-class travel experience. CSMIA continually strives to provide the best services and facilities to its passengers to ensure a seamless and memorable experience of their journey.

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