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Airports Corporation of Vietnam: The Groundbreaking Ceremony of Three Bidding Packages Under the Construction Projects of Long Thanh International Airport Phase 1 and Passenger Terminal T3 - Tan Son Nhat International Airport

  • 2023-08-31

Airports Corporation of Vietnam (ACV) in collaboration with Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee and Dong Nai Provincial People's Committee solemnly held the Groundbreaking Ceremony of three bidding packages under the two biggest construction projects of its airports including Package No. 5.10 "Construction and equipment installation for passenger terminal" and Package No. 4.6 “Construction, equipment installation and construction drawings preparation for runway, taxiway, apron, and other facilities”- Long Thanh International Airport Phase 1, Sub-project 3: Essential airport facilities together with Package No. 12 "Construction and equipment installation of passenger terminal T3" - Tan Son Nhat  International Airport". The total investment for these packages is over 53 trillion VND.


The construction project of Long Thanh International Airport with a capacity of 100 million passengers and 5 million tons of cargo annually, and the expansion project of Tan Son Nhat International Airport with a capacity of 50 million passengers annually are two significant megaprojects, having important implications for the development of the aviation industry as well as the socio-economic development of the Southern key economic region and Vietnam.


*** The Prime Minister issued Decision No. 1777 / QD-TTg dated November 11, 2020 approving the construction project of Long Thanh International Airport Phase 1. The project consists of one runway and one passenger terminal, and synchronous auxiliary items with a capacity of 25 million passengers and 1.2 million tons of cargo per annum. The key packages No. 5.10 and No. 4.6 are directly related to the airport’s operation.


The passenger terminal of Long Thanh International Airport is inspired by the lotus blossom and incorporating it into the design of the roof, main front of the terminal and interior of the check-in lobby. The highlight of the terminal is the central lighting area at the check-in area and the central skylight from the 3rd floor to the 1st floor where the waterfall and landscape are located. This design will deliver the charm of a central garden for an exceptional passenger experience.


The departure and arrival halls are designed separately, including one ground floor and three floors with a total floor area of more than 376,000 sq. m. The terminal is arranged for 40 parking positions of Code C, E, F aircrafts close to the terminal.


The passenger terminal construction project is applied the most modern airport technologies in the world in accordance with the international standards of the durability and aesthetics. The bidding package of over 35,000 billion VND for the construction of Long Thanh International Airport's passenger terminal is proposed to last 39 months.


*** Package No. 4.6 “Construction and equipment installation for runway, taxiway, and apron” - Long Thanh International Airport Phase 1 includes:+ The scope of the airport runway includes a 4,000m long and 75m wide (including a road width of 45m + 2x15m for shoulders); a system of 02 parallel taxiways, 06 rapid exit taxiways, connecting taxiways, with a total area of approximately 69.3 hectares; 04 aircraft parking areas (cargo terminal aircraft parking area, express terminal aircraft parking area, aircraft maintenance parking area, isolation aircraft parking area), and ground service vehicle parking areas with an area of approximately 12.4 hectares.


The accompanying transportation infrastructure includes the public road system in the airfield (including connecting roads, roads for cargo terminal and warehouse, hangar, beltway, maintenance road, emergency access roads) with a total length of 29.67 km; the airfield drainage system; the airfield ground lighting system (AGL); the airfield lighting system (AFL); and the instrument landing system -ILS/DME meeting CAT II standards.


In addition, package 4.6 also includes ancillary works such as airport security fence system, guard booths to ensure security and prevent outside intrusions. Package 4.6 is the second largest package in Sub-project 3 of the Long Thanh International Airport Project, with an approved expenditure of over 7,308 billion VND and a construction period of 700 days (23 months). This is a key package that is directly related to airport operations. In addition, advanced technologies and cutting-edge equipment are also being employed in the project to develop a contemporary and smart airport that can compete withother airports throughout the world.

*** According to Decision No. 657/QD-TTg dated May 19, 2020 of the Prime Minister, approving the investment policy of the project "Construction of Passenger Terminal T3 - Tan Son Nhat International Airport," the project includes three major  packages: the passenger terminal, multistorey car park combined with nonaeronautical services, and a viaduct system in front of the terminal, with a total investment of 10,990 billion VND. The project's investment capital is derived from ACV's equity (70%) and commercial loans (30%).


The passenger terminal includes a basement and four above-ground floors, with a total constructed area of 112,500 sq. m. Inspired by the Vietnam traditional Ao Dai, the architectural design of the terminal is elegant and youthful, reflecting the vibrant energy of Ho Chi Minh city. The terminal includes 90 check-in counters, 20 selfservice bag-drop counters, and 42 selfcheck-in kiosks. There are 27 aircraft boarding gates (including 13 jet bridges and 14 bus gates), 6 baggage processing islands for departure and 10 for arrivals, and 25 passenger security checkpoints. In particular, Terminal 3 has 8 distinct security checkpoints and a VIP section to serve business class and priority passengers.


The multistorey parking lot is made up of two basement levels, two common basement floors, two commercial office complex floors, and three motorcycle parking floors that are linked by a bridge corridor. The entire floor size is 130,000 sq. m (including two basement stories).The second level of the viaduct system has a scale of 2-3 lanes with a lane width of 3.5m, and the third level has a scale of 2-5 lanes with a lane width of 3.5m.


Upon completion, Terminal T3 will be a domestic passenger terminal with a capacity of 20 million passengers per year, accommodating 7,000 passengers per peak hour, and operating all varieties of Code C and Code E aircraft, essentially  alleviating the congestion at Tan Son Nhat International Airport.Package No. 12 "Construction and installation of equipment for passenger terminal T3" under the project "Construction of passenger terminal T3 - Tan Son Nhat International Airport" is expected to be constructed in 20 months (600 days), completed and put into trial operation at the beginning of the second quarter of 2025.

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