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To70 Aviation Australia
To70 Aviation Australia
Business Nature:Consulting and Management
Contact Person:Mr. Arie VAN DER EIJK
Telephone:+61 458 373 273
Company Website:
To70 delivers high-quality consulting and research services to the global aviation community. Since its inception in 2000, To70 has built a reputation on integrity, drive, knowledge and innovation. Its services help aviation and society cope with current and future challenges in airport and airspace operations. A wide range of customers includes airports, airlines, government bodies, research institutions and air navigation service providers. These organisations all face the challenges associated with accommodating the growing demands of air traffic and integrating their operations with the environment. To70’s dedicated team of professionals displays an unremitting drive to create practical solutions. With offices in Newcastle (Australia), Bangkok (Thailand), Shanghai (China), The Hague (The Netherlands), Frankfurt (Germany) and Medellin (Colombia), To70 offers services to clients worldwide. To70 specialises in: • airport strategic planning • aviation policy • aviation & the environment • air traffic management • aviation safety • aviation communication • route development
Airpot Project Undertaken
New Zealand > Christchurch Airport
Last Update:02/10/2014
Route development
From 1/2012 To 11/2012
Feasibility studies on charter development into the Japanese, Korean and China markets to test each market in advance of scheduled services.
Australia > Armidale Airport
Last Update:02/10/2014
Feasibility Study
From 10/2013 To 12/2013
To70 was contracted by Armidale Dumaresq Council to undertake a Meteorological study to assist the Council in analysing available historic meteorological data to assess its suitability in predicting the frequency of weather conditions suitable for VFR flight training.
Australia > Busselton Airport
Last Update:02/10/2014
Noise modelling
From 6/2014 To 9/2014
The City of Busselton contracted To70 to undertake noise modelling for Busselton Regional Airport. The scope included the preparation of Australian Noise Exposure Concepts (ANEC), N-contours as well as single event contours for a selected number of aircraft.
Australia > Melbourne Airport
Last Update:02/10/2014
Master Plan
From 11/2012 To 6/2013
To70 assisted Melbourne Airport with the modelling of their ultimate capacity ANEF as part of the 2013 Master Plan. The scope included the development of the noise modelling assumptions and ensured the assumptions were approved by Airservices, sensitivity analyses, calculating the final ANEC’s and ANEF contour, N-contours, the number of houses within the ANEF contour, creation of easy to understand visualisations and managing the endorsement process with Airservices. We were also involved in creating an online noise tool and in the development of fact sheets about the operation of the new runway and its noise impacts.
India > Mumbai Airport
Last Update:02/10/2014
Aeronautical Studies
From 11/2013 To 2/2014
Aeronautical studies to determine the maximum permissible building elevation for proposed residential developments in the vicinity of Mumbai Airport. The scope included the modelling of Obstacle Limitation Surfaces and PANS-OPS surfaces and presenting the findings to the aviation authorities.
Australia > Cairns Airport
Last Update:02/10/2014
Environmental Assessment RNP procedures
From 7/2012 To 9/2012
To70 has completed the environmental assessments for Airservices for Adelaide, Cairns and Gold Coast airports, assessing the impact of the implementation of RNP procedures. This included calculating LAeq contours, N-contours, single event contours, the affected populations for each scenario, the differences in noise levels at sensitive locations in the vicinity of each airport, as well as the savings in tracks miles and carbon emissions on an annual basis. To70 successfully introduced new modelling techniques to assess the significance of the impact of these changes.
United States > Seattle Airport
Last Update:02/10/2014
Carbon Accreditation Verification
From 7/2014 To 8/2014
Seattle Tacoma Airport is the first American Airport to become Airport Carbon Accredited. To70 verified the airport's eligibility of attaining Level 2 Airport Carbon Accreditation, including verification of the carbon footprint (Scope 1 and 2).
United Arab Emirates > Dubai Airports
Last Update:02/10/2014
Senior analysis support
From 2/2014 To 6/2014
Providing senior analysis support to the Forecasting and Research (F&R) team on location at Dubai International Airport. Specifically in relation to stand and airfield performance tracking and reporting.
Thailand > Bangkok Airport
Last Update:02/10/2014
Level 2 Airport Carbon Accreditation
From 5/2013 To 1/2014
The objective of the project was to provide the necessary documentation and assist SVB in the application process for ACI’s ACA programme, Level 1 ‘Mapping’ and Level 2 ‘Reduction’. This included: • Providing the 2011 and 2012 carbon footprint reports for SVB; • Providing the carbon management plan for SVB; • Assisting in the selection of an independent verifier and liaise with them on behalf of AOT during the calculation verification process; • Assisting SVB in submitting airport carbon accreditation application to ACI.
Australia > Melbourne Airport
Last Update:02/10/2014
Airfield Planning and Capacity Study
From 7/2014 (in progress)
Melbourne Airport will expand the existing runway system to provide additional capacity to meet the projected future increase in annual passenger numbers and associated aircraft movements. In this project To70 will determine and validate the optimal sequencing and timing of the 3rd runway and other critical airfield infrastructure developments; and quantify the impacts of new terminal infrastructure and airline allocations upon the airfield/taxiway operating modes.