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Business Nature:Planning and Construction
Contact Person:Mr. Takashi SEKI
Telephone:+81 3 5276 2451
Company Website:
NIPPON KOEI was founded in 1946 as the first independent consulting firm ever established in Japan and is an independent company 100 percent owned by corporate and individual shareholders including the firm’s executives and key personnel. For more than a half century, NIPPON KOEI has provided a full range of consulting services for development projects in more than 110 countries worldwide. In 2010, NIPPON KOEI was ranked 58th among the top 200 international design firms in terms of foreign billings of consulting engineers as published in the “Engineering News Record's annual turnover survey report” of July 25, 2011. NIPPON KOEI’s professional activities cover a wide range of fields. Especially about transportation, we have Airport, Port, Railway, Highway and Bridges Engineers, and Urban Development and Logistics Planners. Our expertise of Airport extends from master planning, feasibility studies and designing airport facilities such as runways and terminals to dealing with technical and social environment issues.