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Daifuku Co., Ltd. (Japan)
Daifuku Co., Ltd. (Japan)
Business Nature:Equipment
Contact Person:Mr. Adam MATHESON
Telephone:+81 3 6721 3568
Company Website:;
Daifuku Airport Technologies (ATec) provides a broad range of solutions for airports and airlines, including baggage handling systems, self-service software and hardware solutions, baggage screening systems, specialised sortation control, ULD handling, software and controls and operational intelligence solutions. The business spans globally in collaboration with its group affiliates in Japan, the U.S., U.K., Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand. Daifuku ATec is part of the Daifuku Group. The Daifuku Group has sales in excess of US$4bn per annum and > 9,000 employees globally. Daifuku ATec incorporates approx 2,000 of these employees. Headquartered in Tokyo, Daifuku ATec consists of specialised subsidiaries comprising of: • Daifuku BCS • Daifuku Logan • Daifuku Webb • Daifuku Elite Line Services (ELS). Key facts: • Over 50 year’s baggage handling experience. • More than 500 worldwide references. • Over 500 EDS screening machines installed. • Over USD$3B of BHS projects installed. • Dedicated to quality with ISO 9001: 2000 certification. • Leader in BHS software technologies. • Leader in self-service check in technologies with solutions delivered to over 20 airports across the globe making Daifuku ATec the largest supplier of self service solutions in the world.