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Harris Orthogon GmbH
Harris Orthogon GmbH
Business Nature:IT and Communications
Contact Person:Stefanie Herrmann
Company Website:
Harris Orthogon GmbH, located in Bremen, was founded in 1987 specializing in Air Traffic Management (ATM), Airport Airside and Visualization software. Being the leading provider of Arrival & Departure Management solutions for Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) and Airports for over 30 years, the company is recognized worldwide by customers and Air Traffic Management (ATM) System Integrators as the leader and innovator in Traffic Synchronization solutions. Our solutions enable airports to enhance on-time performance, improve service capacity to airlines subsequently enhancing the passenger experience. With data sharing and capacity management being critical to operational efficiency and on-time performance, the Orthogon product portfolio enables airports to optimize operations through enhancing aircraft sequencing capabilities including Pre-Departure Sequencing, Arrivals and Departure management technologies coupled with A-CDM applications leading to better informed strategic and tactical decisions. Going beyond A-CDM, Harris Orthogon provides with its Demand Capacity Balancing (DCB) the air segment of A-CDM enabling Target Time of Arrival (TTA) and providing a rolling predictive Airport Operation Plan (AOP) integrating the airport into the ATC network. The advanced operational planning solution focuses on a much-expanded time horizon that enables the user to create an AOP for each day in its planning horizon, plus several what-if alternative plans. DCB is complemented by solutions that enhance and improve the overall airside optimization by providing real-time traffic monitoring, altering as well as support the allocation of stands and gates.