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Young Executive Award



 Young Executive of the Year Award


Background and Objectives


The ACI Asia-Pacific Young Executive of the Year Award (YEA) is an annual research paper competition which encourages young talents in the Asia-Pacific region to contribute innovative solutions for current aviation industry issues since its introduction in 2009.



Young Executive of the Year Award 2020


The topic this year is “Future of Airport Security”. By keeping our passengers, employees and facilities safe, security is of utmost importance to the airport industry. One of ACI’s key projects, Smart Security, seeks to deliver strengthened security, increased operational efficiency and improved passenger experience through the introduction of risk-based security concepts, advanced screening technologies, and process innovation. As most aviation security processes take place within the airport perimeters, the industry is well-positioned to adopt innovate new ideas that can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of aviation security. 


In the research paper, the candidate is required to:

  • review and analyze the current situation of airport security and its challenges; and
  • provide innovative ideas and tools for the enhancement of airport security as well as passenger experience.


Submission Deadline


4 December 2019 (Wednesday) 12:00 noon Hong Kong Time (GMT+8).

Submission is closed.


For further information, please refer to the programme details below or contact us at


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