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YEAR 2013

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ACI Asia-Pacific Young Executive of the Year Award 2013


Participate and contribute innovative solutions

to the most challenging problems facing our industry!


The ACI Asia-Pacific Region is pleased to announce that the ACI Asia-Pacific Young Executive of the Year Award (YEA) 2013 is now open for application.


  • To honor the outstanding young executives in the Asia-Pacific region;
  • To encourage and promote the contribution of innovative and practical ideas by young talents in the region to tackle the critical issues facing today's aviation industry.


How to Participate
  • YEA is a research competition;
  • Candidate is required to submit a research paper on ONE of the selected topics of the year relating to the latest issues of the aviation industry;
  • Candidate should be able to provide structural analysis with detailed observations and extensive researches on the topics, demonstrate creativity and innovations to possible solutions and show vision towards future aviation industry.


Research Paper Topics for YEA 2013

For full details of reseach topics, please refer to the brochure here.

  • Innovative Approaches for Maximizing Commercial Revenue
  • Analysis of Airport and Airline Relationship
  • Innovative Approaches to Encourage Better Utilization of Airport Capacity by Airport


Eligibility & Nomination
  • Any executives of ACI Asia-Pacific airport members in good standing, who:-
    • is under the age of 35 (at the deadline of submission)
    • is currently serving a middle management position in the airport member
    • has a minimum of 2 years working experience in the aviation field
    • is nominated by the CEO of the airport member
  • Each airport member is entitled to nominate one candidate for this competition;
  • Nomination letter signed by the CEO of the airport member must be submitted to the Regional Office with the research paper and the application form on or before the submission deadline.


Panel of Judges


  •  Ms. Kerrie MATHER, Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director, Sydney Airport and Board Director, ACI Asia-Pacific


Panel of Judges:

  • Mr. Mokhtar A. AWAN, Regional Director, ICAO Asia & Pacific Office;
  • Mrs. Patti CHAU, Regional Director, ACI Asia-Pacific;
  • Ms. Theresa FLEIDL, Vice President Professional Training Policy and HR-Marketing,  Munich Airport & Chairperson, Europe HR Net;
  • Mr. Navin ROY, Head of Human Resources Business Support, Abu Dhabi Airports Company – ADAC and Chairperson, ACI Asia-Pacific


Submission Deadline

7 December 2012, 12:00noon, HKG Time


Information & Enquiries


We do encourage the young executives of member airports to take the opportunity to participate in this year's program and to become the ACI Asia-Pacific Young Executive of Year 2013!



The best six papers are posted below so as to share their valuable findings with our airport members (by alphabetical order):

  • Mr. Ushio Kokubo, Supervisor, Passenger Terminal Management Department,  Narita International Airport Corporation(Winner)
  • Mr. Sidharth Mouli, Associate General Manager-Commercial Non Aero, Delhi International Airport (P) Limited(Honorable Mention)
  • Mr. CHEN Lujia, Executive of Enterprise Development Deptment, Xiamen International Airport Co., Ltd.
  • Mr. DAS Ayan, Asst. Maintenance Manager, Bangalore International Airport Limited
  • Mr. ISAKA Takanori, Assistant Director, General Administration, New Kansai International Airport Company
  • Mr. KHAN Naseer, Airport Planner, Mumbai International Airport Pvt Ltd.