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Financial Assistance for Training


Background and Objective

ACI Asia-Pacific recognizes the importance and increasing need for airport staff training and knowledge exchange amongst airports in the fastest growing region, Asia-Pacific. ACI Global Training, in cooperation with the Regional Office has set up various courses to train and develop airport staff and management talents in order to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

The Small Airports Program - Financial Assistance for Training aims to assist airport members which are small in size with limited budget to attend valuable training and encourage exchanges amongst airports in the region.

Types of Training Eligible for Financial Assistance

1. ACI Training Course
The financial assistance will subsidize the air fare, accommodation and course expenses for any ACI training course held in any ACI Training Centers in Asia-Pacific region up to US$3,000 per person. The cost of air fare, accommodation and course expenses must be pre-approved by the Regional Office before actual booking. A maximum of four persons will be entitled to the financial assistance each year.

2. Airport Study Tour
The financial assistance covers the air fare and accommodation cost up to US$1,500 per person. A maximum of three persons will be entitled to the airport study tour each year.


Airport members in the least developed countries or in the developing countries (as prescribed by OECD) handling less than 5,000,000 traffic units a year and in good standing are eligible to apply for any of the above financial assistance.


Interested airport members should send a recommendation letter from the airport CEO together with personal C.V. and the application form to ACI Asia-Pacific Regional Office, on or before 28 February 2017 for approval. The application form must be signed off by the respective airport CEO.


As the assistance fund is limited, the Regional Office will only accept one application per airport member. First consideration will be given to least developed countries.



All applications are subject to the approval of ACI Asia-Pacific Regional Office. Successful applicants will be informed accordingly.


The financial assistance will be paid within three months after the completion of the training course or airport visit together with the submission of a written report and expense receipts.

ACI Asia-Pacific Regional Office 
January 2017

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