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Airports Daily – ACI Asia-Pacific Daily Newsletter to 2,000+ members


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With a distribution of over 2,000 airport and industry executives in Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and beyond, ACI Asia-Pacific’s Airports Daily newsletter is an ideal platform for World Business Partners and Airport Members to increase visibility on a daily basis with potential clients and business partners.  Airports Daily is an exclusive members-only newsletter, curated with the latest news relevant to our region’s airports and World Business Partner community.  Advertising with us will mean daily exposure to an audience of 2,000+ in the airport industry.  Contact us now to take advantage of an exclusive first-time promotional offer. More promotions and advertisement options will be available on the ACI Asia-Pacific revamped website (coming soon)!


Image Specifications


Banner Size: 800 (W) x 235 (H) px
Format: JPEG or PNG


Advertising Packages



5 consecutive days#

10 consecutive days#

20 consecutive days#

30 consecutive days#

Promotional Offer*

US$ 500

US$ 800

US$ 1,500

US$ 2,000

Regular Offer

US$ 600


US$ 1,800

US$ 2,400


*Promotional Offer to be valid till end Feb 2021
#Day refers to business days per the Regional Office’s calendar



ACI Asia-Pacific Digital Advertising Contact Points


Mr. Jeff Chan / Ms. Connie Wong
T: 852 2989 8023 / 852 2989 8020


Terms and Conditions


  1. The Client shall provide digital assets to ACI Asia-Pacific Digital Advertising Contact Point at least five (5) working days before the campaign start date.
  2. ACI Asia-Pacific reserves the right to refuse advertisement content deemed to be inappropriate, e.g. lacking in moral propriety or judicious good taste, ideologically or politically controversial, and/or copyright infringement.
  1. Full digital advertising costs shall be invoiced by ACI Asia-Pacific upon confirmation of the campaign start date and payable within thirty (30) business days.