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ACI Asia-Pacific Regional Office pubished the following members' publications in order to communicate effectively with members about ACI news and other industry issues. 


  • ACI Asia-Pacific Airports, the official magazine of ACI Asia-Pacific region, provide in-depth stories of the region's airport development and interviews of aviation leaders. 


  • ACI Asia-Pacific Newsletter, the official newsletter of ACI Asia-Pacific region which provides the latest news and events of the region. 


  • Bulletin, bi-annual publication we aim to update our members with the latest trends and developments of HR matters and technical matters in our industry.



  • ACI Asia-Pacific Economic Review, compiled under the direction of the ACI Asia-Pacific Regional Economics Committee, provides regional insights on the economic and business environment, identifies trends in air traffic, highlights major airport developments and privatization projects, and examines key performance indicators on airport economics. 



  • Publication of ACI Asia-Pacific Green Airports Recognition, a summary of the airports' submission for the Green Airports Recognition. The objective is to promote environmental best practices to minimize the aviation industry's impact on the environment and to recognise airports' outstanding accomplishments in their environmental projects. 


  • Environmental Survey Summary Report, a summary of biennial survey developed by ACI Asia-Pacific Regional Environment Committee (REC). The objectives are to develop an environmental activity database of ACI Asia-Pacific airport members and to help environmental managers do their jobs better by learning from the experience of other airports.


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