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05 June 2019   Yangon International Airport Introduces Restroom ‘Jet Towels’ to Improve Sustainability and Hygiene

YANGON – 5 June 2019 – In line with efforts to promote sustainability and environmental awareness, Yangon Aerodrome Company Limited (“YACL”) today announced that it had installed the first 32 ‘Jet Towel’ units around Yangon International Airport (“YIA”) Terminal 1, replacing paper towels in restrooms.


The Jet Towels use high-speed air jet streams to dry users’ hands in under five seconds without coming into contact with any unhygienic surface. This method is superior to conventional hot-air dryers, which can cause discomfort if the air blown is too hot and also lead to lower paper consumption. YIA currently uses approximately 85,000 packets of tissues for hand drying at YIA, or up to 234 packets per day.  


A total of 144 Jet Towel units will be installed at YIA in the coming months: 60 more units in Terminal 1 and 52 in Terminal 3.


Through this initiative, YIA will be able to reduce wastage, as the only maintenance required is to empty the drain tank of the Jet Towel unit. The eco-friendly solution also eradicates littering as well as basin and drain blockages.


Mr. Jose Angeja, Chief Operating Officer of YACL, said: “Yangon International Airport emphasizes environmental awareness. As Myanmar’ busiest airport and the country’s air gateway, the Jet Towels will not only raise awareness of sustainability but also improve hygiene and comfort for passengers.”


YACL has also stepped up efforts to encourage sustainability by placing stickers within the restroom to remind visitors to reduce their paper waste, according to Mr. Angeja.


A no-littering campaign has also been launched, encouraging visitors to dispose of their trash responsibly, with signages strategically placed to maximize awareness.

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