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World Business Partners

What is WBP Programme?

ACI Asia-Pacific World Business Partners (WBP) Programme is a membership program that provides a unique platform for you to interact with the dynamic airport industry, build a network of airport key decision makers and explore new business opportunities.


Why join WBP Programme? 

ACI airport membership is composed of over 1,800 airports in 180 countries and ACI Asia-Pacific represents the interests of over 580 airports in the Asia-Pacific Region. Being a WBP member connects you to the 1,800 airports worldwide.

As ACI World Business Partner, you will have the exclusive opportunity to meet with the global network of airport executives as you participate at ACI World and ACI regional high level conferences. You will receive latest airport development news and professional publications from ACI; and most importantly, you can share your industry expertise through participating in ACI committees.


ACI Asia-Pacific WBP membership is open to companies and organizations, other than airlines, providing services in, to or for airports, and which desire to participate in ACI. There are three different types of membership:


ACI Asia-Pacific Membership

  • Small :            Up to 10 full time employees in the aviation business
  • Medium:        Up to 50 full time employees in the aviation business
  • Large:             Over 50 full time employees in the aviation business


Affiliate Membership

The WBP Programmes of the 5 ACI regions are managed independently. WBP members of other ACI regions, of good standing, are eligible to join the ACI Asia-Pacific WBP Programme as Affiliate Members. Affiliate member only has to pay 25 % of the standard membership fee and can then enjoy the benefits   of being member of Asia-Pacific as well as their own region.


To view member services and annual membership fees, please click here to download the ACI Asia-Pacific Program Brochure.


Join Us

To learn more about the benefits, please download the ACI Asia-Pacific WBP Program Brochure. Kindly fill in the Application Form and submit it to


Should you have any inquiries regarindg the WBP program, please feel free to contact us.


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