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Scarabee Aviation Group
Scarabee Aviation Group
Business Nature:Security
Contact Person:Mrs. Alexandra van Rijn
Telephone:(0) 6 10 365 842
Company Website:
Today’s passengers prefer to do everything online, from booking their tickets and checking in, to registering baggage and booking hotels. When they arrive at the airport their only concern is getting through security and boarding as efficiently as possible. Scarabee Aviation Group’s airport transformation solutions are designed to do just that, working proactively and interactively, with all stakeholders involved in complex airport transition processes – getting to the heart of potential frustrations.Deep understanding of the passenger journey combined with the revolutionary approach, enables Scarabee to create and design premium airport solutions, empowering both airport business and airport experience. Fundamental research into client, passenger and stakeholder needs, when combined with Scarabee’s innovative mind-set and passion for technology ensures a future-proof airport transition process with technology at the heart of it all.
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