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Business Nature:IT and Communications
Country:United States
Contact Person:Mr. Samir CHADA
Telephone:+1 818 912 2904
Company Website:
Headquartered in California, with additional locations in Netherlands, Mauritius, and Mexico, ProDIGIQ is a technology company focusing on innovative products and services for airports. Our expertise is in operations management, safety management, lease management, maintenance management, flight information display, flight tracking, and mobile technology. ProDIGIQ is the 2016 recipient of the AAAE Corporate Award of Excellence, 2014 recipient of the NWAAAE Corporate Award of Excellence and 2011 recipient of the SWAAAE Corporate Award of Excellence. In addition, ProDIGIQ and its products have been featured in numerous publications such as the Feb/Mar 2015 issue of Airport Business Magazine, the Dec/Jan 2015 issue of Airport Business Magazine, and the May/Jun 2014 edition of Airport Improvement Magazine. With a pending patent, ProDIGIQ offers innovative products including Notice of Violation System, Operations Management System, Safety Management System, Lease Management System, Computerized Maintenance Management System, FIDS/BIDS/GIDS, Flight Tracker, and Mobile Apps/Websites.