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Cherrypicks Limited
Cherrypicks Limited
Business Nature:IT and Communications
Country:Hong Kong, China
Contact Person:Mr. Christopher YEONG
Telephone:+852 2127 7788
The location services market continues to grow, with many airports now committed to the piloting and deployment of indoor location technologies. Cherrypicks' Starbeacon is full end-to-end solution aimed at getting people to their destination quickly and easily with the further goal of targeting and reaching individual customers at the right place at the right time. With an extensive data analytics' back-end, Starbeacon's valuable insights seek to help airports, transit systems and other large venues make informed business decisions for continued efficiency, global leadership and competitiveness. With our Starbeacon product we focus obsessively on addressing the challenges of scale, accuracy, cost and ease of deployment and continue to seek partnerships to ensure our complete end-to-end location solution is straight-forward to implement and maintain globally. Founded in 2000, Cherrypicks is recognized as a global leader in mobile innovation. Our award-winning products, patent-pending technologies and passionate team members have enabled us to win over 100 local and global awards in technology, design and marketing and continue to allow us to work with many of the world's leading organizations, across numerous disciplines, that share our passion for mobile excellence. Headquartered in Hong Kong, Cherrypicks is a wholly-owned subsidiary of NetDragon Websoft Holdings Limited (HKSE: 777), a Fujian-based online gaming and mobile app development company. In 2014, NetDragon committed an additional US$4 million for the expansion of Cherrypicks' existing technological development as well as expansion into new markets. The organization currently employs over 250 people, with regional offices serving local clients in China, Indonesia and Thailand.