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DFS Group
DFS Group
Business Nature:Retail and Commercial
Country:Hong Kong, China
Contact Person:Mr. Robert CALZADILLA
Telephone:+852 2899 2200
Company Website:
As the world’s leading luxury retailer serving the international traveler. DFS is the only luxury retailer with a balanced airport and downtown retail portfolio across many markets. DFS has an unparalleled understanding of emerging markets and customers. Our strengths lie in our brand partnerships, our groundbreaking store and product development, our superior product assortments, and our targeted marketing programs. Our global reach ensures we truly understand the international traveller. Our marketing offices across China (6), Seoul, and Tokyo provide us with unique opportunities to work with travel agencies to track travel patterns, and to monitor the travel and fashion interests of emerging luxury customers, wherever they may be. Our unique customer insights and operational expertise, coupled with well established strategic relationships with brand, airport, and travel industry partners, will ensure that we continue to lead industry innovation in luxury retailing.